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Clansman Gang Trial | Witness recounts how supermarket bag packer was executed

Published:Tuesday | December 7, 2021 | 5:59 PM
The trial is being heard in the Home Circuit Court.

A former supermarket cashier this morning testified that he was with Damaine Forrester, otherwise called 'Doolie', when he was executed on Chancery Street in St Andrew on August 15, 2017.

Two former members of the One Don Gang have testified in the Home Circuit Court that the reputed leader Andre 'Blackman' Bryan had ordered the hit on Forrester, who was a bag packer at the supermarket.

Doolie was reportedly murdered because of his affiliation with a faction of the Clansman Gang.

The Clansman Gang is reportedly led by Tesha Miller.

The One Don Gang is a breakaway faction of the Clansman Gang.

The witness, who is now the 12th person to give evidence for the prosecution, before testifying, identified the deceased via a photograph.

Recalling what had happened on the day when Doolie was killed, the witness said they had worked up to the end of the night shift and was leaving with others to head home at 9:30.

He said he and Doolie first left the store and were walking and having a conversation when he heard an explosion.

"While we were talking, I heard a loud bang and I turned to my right and I saw him on the floor and I heard more bangs and I saw a light flash immediately and decided to run back to the store and go inside,” the witness said.

"I was in shock, so I was saying to my coworkers 'Jah know star, wah gwaan, what happened, what happened'," he continued.

The witness said he notified his supervisor that the "new guy" was killed and shortly after made his way home.

When asked if he had seen the state of his co-worker after he was shot, the witness said after he saw the light flash from gun of the assailants he did not stop to take note of his condition.

The supervisor, who was present on the night of the incident, today testified that she was at work when she heard the explosion and then saw workers rushing to her with news that Forrester was shot.

She said she pressed the supermarket's panic button to summon security personnel, who arrived in about 10 minutes.

Shortly after, she said the police arrived on the crime scene

The prosecution's second witness had testified that he witnessed the killing and that the victim was his friend.

He also told the court that an alleged gang member, known as 'Suss Man',  had placed a gun at the back of the man's head and shot him multiple times. 

According to the ex-gangster, two unsuccessful attempts were made on Doolie's life before he was killed. 

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