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Bellas Gate senior longs for a good night’s rest

Published:Wednesday | December 8, 2021 | 12:06 AM
 Errol Frankson stands in front the piece of cloth that serves as a door, along with the dogs that share his room.
Errol Frankson stands in front the piece of cloth that serves as a door, along with the dogs that share his room.

BELLAS GATE, St Catherine, senior 63-year-old Errol Frankson is not much on words, but he doesn’t have to be as his ‘champions’ Thelma Thomas and her children used the opportunity to bat for him.

Highlighting the desperate conditions he is living in, she said no human should have to experience this situation. His run-down shack of a room has neither doors nor windows and the flooring is precarious to walk on.

Thomas shared with The Gleaner that she used to visit him and take his meal – when she can afford to do it, noting that she can no longer do that as she is afraid she will “drop through di floor”.

Sharing on his condition, Thomas said Frankson has been living in less than ideal conditions since his father died several years ago.

“Is me and my daughter have to help him with food and stuff like that. Him want food, him want a door on the house, the house need bottom,” she noted.

Thomas added: “Well him have bed, him want clothes and bed linen. him nuh have nutten to cook pon,” she outlined on his challenges as she highlighted that he cooks on the ground, and has no electricity in his house and has been living in the dark for years.

His sole companions in the shack are the dogs who have taken up residence with him, something she said poses a danger to his health.

“Mi a send a message on his behalf, him need help. When rain fall di wood get wet and him caan cook. Sometimes wi gi him a pound a flour, or chicken back or him chop yard fi people and get a likkle food,” Thomas noted.

But even then, she said sometimes that is a challenge to work for food as he gets weak “and sick out”.

Having a conversation with Frankson to decipher his other needs was difficult. He did, however, managed to mumble that, “if dem help me wid house [it] waan fix up, dat woulda good.”

For Thomas, the only Christmas wish she has for her friend is for him to enjoy a good night’s sleep, and that means fixing up the house and having a comfortable mattress to sleep on.