Wed | May 18, 2022

Female community stalwarts recognised in Kendal, Hanover

Published:Thursday | May 12, 2022 | 12:05 AMBryan Miller/Gleaner Writer


SEVEN WOMEN from the district of Kendal, in western Hanover, were honoured by residents on Mother’s Day for their priceless contribution towards building and uplifting that district.

Sybil Williams, 82 years old; Hazel Miller, 79; Lola Campbell, 86; Wilbie Cunningham, 89; Margaret Campbell, 70; Violet Jackson, 83; and Delzie Andrews, 85 were the phenomenal women awardees, who were recognised for their service to the community at a reception at Kendal Baptist Church, and staged by the Women’s Federation of the church.

Their respective age, and differing ailments that usually affect persons within that age group, prevented some of the awardees from attending the ceremony. However, their family members were on hand to bask in the glory, and collected the awards on their behalf.

Each awardee received a plaque, which highlighted her invaluable work in the community, and a gift basket. Additionally, Sybil Williams, because of her immobile situation, was presented with a wheelchair and an electric fan.

Relatives and friends were elated at the idea of recognising the work of the women, who were all described as local heroines within the community.


President of the Kendal Baptist Church Women’s Federation (KBCWF), Shorna Miller, in an interview with The Gleaner, stated that work done by the honourees in the community cannot be priced.

“Everyone who grew up in this community, or have lived here for any extended period of time, have benefited in some way or form from one if not all of these women,” she stated.

“These are women who were all doing extensive voluntary community work, and in their own little way have worked in building this community,” Miller noted.

She pointed out that the KBCWF does an annual event for mothers of the community, but this year it was decided that an event with a difference will be done, through honouring women who have helped in nurturing the community.

“One of those women was a community health aide, one was an entrepreneur who cooked in the community and gave to persons who were less fortunate, while the others were women who helped in the school and church, and in the community, while mothering several children who were not their biological children,” Miller pointed out.

She argued that the Kendal community, and even some adjoining districts, owe some amount of debt of gratitude to these women, and the recognition given for Mother’s Day 2022 is the least that could be done to show the appreciation of the whole community.