Fri | Aug 12, 2022

Evergo partners with NCB to install charging stations

CEO says pace of EV charging station installations to gain momentum

Published:Wednesday | May 18, 2022 | 12:06 AMCarl Gilchrist/Gleaner Writer
Evergo Jamaica CEO Wayne McKenzie (left) and his GB-Energy counterpart, Bela Szabo, unveil the Level 2 charging stations at Texaco Ironshore in Montego Bay, St James, in February.
Evergo Jamaica CEO Wayne McKenzie (left) and his GB-Energy counterpart, Bela Szabo, unveil the Level 2 charging stations at Texaco Ironshore in Montego Bay, St James, in February.

Evergo Jamaica, the company at the forefront of the electric vehicle (EV) charging network infrastructure in Jamaica, marked its first anniversary with a small ceremony in Ocho Rios, St Ann, on Saturday night, where it announced a new partnership with National Commercial Bank (NCB).

NCB has agreed for Evergo to install EV charging stations at select banking locations across the island.

“Today, inspired by the good work of the Evergo team, I’m excited to announce that we will also be going a further step to support electric mobility in Jamaica. NCB will be partnering with Evergo to install electric charging stations at select NCB locations islandwide,” NCB’s head of retail banking Sheree Martin announced.

“Fast and semi-fast electric vehicle charging stations will be available for our customers and team members; soon, customers will be able to charge their vehicles while banking,” she added.

This latest partnership follows on NCB’s recent offer of loans at a special interest rate to buyers of EVs.

“Thanks to you fuelling our electric mobility aspirations, the path has become much clearer. It is because of your investment in the infrastructure needed to conveniently and affordably charge EVs that prospective owners will have peace of mind needed to increase (electric) vehicle purchases and widescale adoption,” Martin said.

President and Chief Executive Officer of Evergo Wayne McKenzie, in highlighting the significance of the partnership with NCB to the build-out of the EV charging network islandwide, also indicated that Texaco and Petcom have agreed for the installation of EV charging ports at their locations.


McKenzie hailed the partnerships as a major step for Jamaica to reduce its import bill and dependence on fossil fuels. He also pointed to the significant foreign exchange savings that will accrue from the reduction in oil import.

The Evergo CEO used the opportunity to emphasis the strong performance of the new energy company in its first year of operation.

Launched in May 2021, when it installed its first charging station at the LFA Country Store in Richmond, St Ann, the number of charging ports has increase to 33, with the rate of installation expected to increase rapidly in the coming year.

“So, our strategy is, we’re going to be putting charging stations at strategic locations, places where people will spend some time, so you don’t feel the need to sit and wait. So, we put them at restaurants, banks, historic sites, environmental sites, even the fuel companies,” he outlined.

Minister of Science, Energy and Technology Daryl Vaz, in a video broadcast, noted the significant contribution that Evergo Jamaica has made to the advancement of Jamaica’s electric mobility network through the installation of the charging stations.

According to Vaz, “This is indeed a tremendous accomplishment, which augurs well for our progress into the electric vehicle industry. Electric vehicles are integral to Jamaica’s energy future and diversification efforts. We have committed to decarbonising the energy sector, diversifying our energy sources, and providing cleaner, more efficient energy solutions for our people. Electric vehicles will play a critical role in the advancement of this commitment.”

Transport Minister Audley Shaw also commended Evergo, acknowledging that the company “plays a critical role in achieving some of Jamaica’s transport and energy decision goals of 2030 for a more modern, efficient, diversified, environmentally friendly and sustainable sector”.