Mon | Aug 15, 2022

Overtaking blamed for bike double death

Published:Wednesday | May 18, 2022 | 12:06 AM
The Toyota Hiace van involved in the auto crash on the weekend.
The Toyota Hiace van involved in the auto crash on the weekend.

Reckless overtaking has been blamed for a crash that caused the deaths of two people along Walks Road, St Catherine, on Monday.

Those killed have been identified as Mimo Christian, a 22-year-old business process outsourcing employee; and Orane Lawrence, a 24-year-old labourer of Treadways district, St Catherine.

Reports are that Christian was a pillion on a Falcon motorcycle being driven by Lawrence.

The motorcycle was heading easterly when, upon reaching the vicinity of the AML service station along the Dam Head main road, the driver overtook a line of traffic.

The bike collided with a Toyota Hiace minivan.

Christian was flung from the motorcycle onto the windshield of an oncoming Kia motor car.

The motorcycle was reduced to mangled metal.

Sergeant Donovan Barnes, head of the St Catherine Traffic Department, said despite the double fatality, there was a 50 per cent reduction in fatal crashes in the parish.

“Last year this time, there were 20 fatalities,” Barnes said. “While we celebrate the reduction of 10, there is hope that we will reach zero, as each life matters.”

More than 480 people died in traffic crashes in 2021.

Deidre Hudson-Sinclair of the Road Safety Unit said that a holistic effort is required to curtail bad driving habits.