Mon | Sep 26, 2022


Published:Sunday | August 14, 2022 | 12:06 AM

• Eat a brain-healthy and immune-boosting diet to support strong mental and physical health.

• Stay active, maintain a regular exercise routine, which will help improve both your physical and mental health.

• Make social connection a priority, especially quality face-to-face, with good company.

• Find a purpose and meaning. Whatever that is. Engage in something that makes you feel like you are being part of making a difference, however small or great, to society and someone else who needs your help, in whatever way you can.

• Talk to someone who cares and who you trust, especially in-person, which can help calm you and relieve stress.

• Appeal to your senses by doing something you love – taking a nature walk, listening to music, watching a favourite movie, gardening, reading … whatever you love that improves your mood.

• Do relaxation exercises, such as deep breathing, yoga, meditation.

• Make time for leisure and focusing on the positive things in your life, even the small things.

• Get help if you need it. Don’t keep it bottled in. Talk to a trusted person, cry on their shoulder, unburden, laugh, let it out.

• Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. And rest. Nothing beats giving your body a break by shutting it all down and getting a long, peaceful sleep each day.