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Does eating sweets reduce stress?

Published:Sunday | October 9, 2022 | 12:07 AM

Our bodies have various energy centres that play critical roles in maintaining good health by having specific vibrational frequencies. When that frequency is disturbed, health gets affected. For example, when people are sad or anxious, they may resort to binge eating, and especially crave for sweets. You might have heard people saying, “eat a chocolate, you’ll feel better”. So, how does any sweet or food affect your emotions?

Medical science says sweets help our brains release chemicals that free us from sadness temporarily. Emotions affect the body through energy centres in our body. A filled stomach doesn’t support low-frequency vibrations such as hurt, loneliness, or sadness. When the energy centre in the digestive system is balanced, then we don’t crave or even starve.

Having sweets doesn’t actually resolve anxiety or sadness, but they can be addictive and become your ‘go to’ solution.

To attain happiness, we can’t be, like we spoke of before, depending on external factors. We need to learn to bring ourselves to a stage were we can learn to balance our energy centres. Start taking little steps towards attaining that equilibrium and attain balance. Don’t indulge or be dependent. Sweets or any other indulgence are harmful in excess, we need to exercise moderation. Give it a try.

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