Thu | Nov 30, 2023

China Town gets free Internet access

Published:Wednesday | February 8, 2023 | 12:38 AM

Residents of China Town in St Catherine Eastern have been added to the growing list of Wi-Fi recipients, courtesy of the Universal Service Fund (USF).

On January 24, Member of Parliament Denise Daley and Spanish Town Mayor Norman Scott were among those who gathered to witness the launch of free Internet access to the community.

“The addition of this Wi-Fi is an upgrade to the community, which has been gradually growing, starting with roads, piped water, and now Internet,” Daley said.

“Residents can now browse, research and be aware of their rights; plus, they can help their children to do their lessons,” she added.

Scott, who has represented the community for 24 years, said he was pleased with its growth.

The Wi-Fi access is expected to boost the academic fortunes of students at the nearby White Marl Primary and Junior High School, as well as teachers and parents.

Meanwhile, USF Director of Procurement Melissa Taylor reaffirmed the agency’s commitment to erecting 189 Wi-Fi access points islandwide, which can be used free of charge by residents.

“It’s our greatest desire giving Wi-Fi access to the communities thoughout the island. The USF is, therefore, pleased to give your community members this facility, which is a tool for learning,” Taylor said.