Sat | Jun 3, 2023

Massy Distribution Jamaica joins in sponsoring National Spelling Bee Competition

Published:Wednesday | February 8, 2023 | 7:23 PM

Massy Distribution Jamaica is excited to announce that it is an official sponsor of The Gleaner’s Children’s Own Spelling Bee Competition.

Founded almost 100 years ago, The Gleaner’s Children’s Own Spelling Bee Competition is among Jamaica’s largest and longest-running educational events. Massy also turned 100 on February 1 and feels that being a part of the Spelling Bee is a great partnership, as the competition has had a significant impact on the movement to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabulary, learn concepts, and develop correct English usage.

Massy Distribution Jamaica readily embraced the opportunity to support the continued tradition of educational excellence and achievement. The competition has unearthed several Jamaican champion spellers, to include current spellmaster Dr Clive Lai, and sparked a love of learning among children all across Jamaica. Like so many other beloved events and activities, the Spelling Bee Competition was impacted over the last two years by the pandemic; and this year marks an exciting return to in-person programming.

“Spelling Bee has become a cultural institution in Jamaica. We’ve all watched with excitement and anticipation as children display feats of memory, superior intellect, and sheer determination to succeed. It is therefore our pleasure at Massy to join the community of sponsors supporting this amazing platform for our children,” said Semone Palmer, Massy Distribution’s commercial manager in the company’s pharmacy division.

“When we decided to support the competition, Pascual yogurt and Becoplex multivitamin emerged as our brands in direct alignment with the value we seek to deliver as sponsors. Keeping families healthy, thriving, and prepared for life are at the heart of everything we do as an organisation, and through these brands. Our team looks forward to cheering on all the spellers and contributing to a fun environment where being smart is cool,” Palmer said.

The national finals will take place today and will be aired on TVJ.