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Growth & Jobs | Student entrepreneur turns passion into skincare business

Published:Tuesday | March 28, 2023 | 12:08 AMSataja Coke/Contributor
Handcrafted natural body scrubs by Vierre Skin.
Handcrafted natural body scrubs by Vierre Skin.
Natahlia Fyffe, owner of Vierre Skin.
Natahlia Fyffe, owner of Vierre Skin.

NATAHLIA FYFFE has added herself to the list of young Jamaican entrepreneurs who have overcome fear and taken the figurative bull by the horn, by venturing into the field of entrepreneurship. Her unwavering passion for skincare prompted her to offer her very own handcrafted skincare products to the Jamaican public, through her newly established online based business, Vierre Skin.

“I remember making my first salt scrub at 14 years old, and I enjoyed using it so much, especially because I knew I made it myself,” Fyffe recalled.

In retrospect, Fyffe said that she was primarily motivated by the desire to build confidence among people, from a global perspective, about their skin through the use of natural remedies.

Vierre Skin was born in November 2022 and currently offers a variety of body scrubs and body butters. These products range from Watermelon Sorbet to Wintermint Gumberry scrubs, and also Black Raspberry and Turmeric body butters. Not only are they handmade, but all products are made from all-natural ingredients. Fyffe said that the plan is to expand brand Vierre Skin by adding more body care products in the near future.

“I also plan on having products in retail stores, especially since not all customers like the idea of online shopping. Having these products in physical locations is a great way to target these type of customers.” Fyffe believes that there is no such thing as “knowing too much”, and as such, she is willing to gain valuable entrepreneurial skills through prospective partnerships with other local businesses. She is also open to entrepreneurial workshop opportunities.

Contrary to popular beliefs regarding how stressful it is to operate a business while being a full-time student, Fyffe said she has had quite a contrasting experience.

“Running my business and being a full-time student is not so challenging right now, because Vierre Skin is fairly new to the market. I usually dedicate my weekends to restock, which is usually not a problem.” Vierre Skin is promoted by sponsored social media advertisements on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, and also by word of mouth. Fyffe said that she is currently focused on improving her level of professionalism, as well as the quality of her products.

She explained that her primary aim is to increase the level of familiarity among the general public with brand Vierre Skin, and as such, the business will be hosting a pop-up shop in Mandeville in April. The pop-up shop is primarily geared at officially introducing Vierre Skin to Jamaicans. With taking orders from its Instagram page, Vierre Skin also provides useful skincare tips for its followers via creative posts. Fyffe is positive that Vierre Skin will be a success because she is always open to learning new ways of improving her business.

“There is always room for improvement. There is always a business owner in the same niche that has more experience, and it would be wise to take advice from them,” said Fyffe.

Her advice to other young people who have an interest in entrepreneurship is to resist being arrogant, as knowledge can never be too much. The philosophical axis upon which the life of Natahlia Fyffe spins is based on a popular quote by Roy. T. Bennett which states, “Do not fear failure, but rather, fear not trying!”

For details on the products offered by Vierre Skin, visit the company’s Instagram page @Vierre Skin.