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JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation offers transformational training programme

Published:Monday | May 29, 2023 | 12:30 AM
Participants with their One Love conference workbooks at the JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation’s  Conversation for Greatness conference held recently.
Participants with their One Love conference workbooks at the JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation’s Conversation for Greatness conference held recently.

JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation is offering an eight week long, online transformational programme dubbed Conversations for Greatness (CFG), starting May 30. The programme is designed to assist individuals to improve their interpersonal skills, boost self-awareness and esteem, and live a more values-based and purposeful life.

Nadine Sinclair, course coordinator and CFG facilitator shared, “The programme is geared towards individuals who are on a path of self-discovery and are driven towards self-development. In many instances persons may feel stuck as they navigate their lives, whether their career or personal lives, this course can assist persons to examine their decision-making and mindset so that they can shift their approach and gain clarity on how to live more fulfilled lives.” Adding, “as individuals improve themselves, it is likely to cause a ripple effect on their circle of influence even as it helps persons to improve their interpersonal relationships, build positive mindset, both are beneficial for personal and professional growth.”

Sinclair, in touting the value of the course, noted that her life’s transition and decision to be a full-time life coach, having been a human resource practitioner for decades, was influenced in part by her experience with the CFG programme. “These principles supported me to tap into my values and overcome some roadblocks and negative mindsets that were hindering my own growth and development. This opened the door for me to step into my passion and to build on the work I was already doing in less-structured way in my corporate job. Now I am happy to see the impact I have on individuals, supporting them to transform their lives.”

Sharing details of the programme, she noted that the course will cover transformational leadership and accountability, self-discovery, values-based decision-making, visioning and self-reflection and awareness, among other related areas.

Individuals with seeking self-development, those who are involved in charitable organisations, service and civic groups can also benefit from participation in this programme.


At the end of the course, individuals will be given the necessary tools to better navigate their relationships with self and others, while creating a more positive environment for growth though introspection, mindset change and language.

The course is led by trained facilitators with decades of experience in education, human development and training, who are interested in people development through transformation and mindset change.

To register for the course, individuals can visit the Foundation’s website at

Kim Mair, CEO of the Foundation, notes that this course is a part of efforts to foster conversations that ignite change in Jamaica, by helping individuals to tap into their greatness and to live healthy and fulfilled lives based on their values. Adding, “Since the inception of the Conversations for Greatness programme in 2015, in schools, we have realised a number of positive outcomes including improvement in school leadership, healthier interpersonal dynamics among school staff, increased parental engagement, reduced absenteeism, and improved student behaviour, positive shift in mindset change, improved conflict resolution among other progressive behaviour changes. We are using the underlying principles and tools shared in the programme to broaden the impact of the CFG programme, as we have seen first hand the impact it can have in transforming people’s lives.

This course, follows as a next step to the recent staging of the Foundation’s Conversations for Greatness conference, with a view of cultivating a culture of transformation in Jamaica by exposing more Jamaicans to the CFG principles and tools through ongoing online training opportunities, like this, said Mair.