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Immigration Corner | Which programme is best for people over 40?

Published:Tuesday | May 30, 2023 | 12:41 AM

Dear Miss Powell,

I read your recent article that stated that people over 40 years old should try the Provincial Nominee Programme to get to live in Canada. I was doing some research and I am a little confused. I am not sure if I should apply for nomination to Nova Scotia or the Atlantic Immigration Programme. I met someone from Nova Scotia recently, and we are wondering which programme is best if you want to live in Nova Scotia.

Thank you.


Dear IP,

Canada is made up of various provinces, and the four eastern provinces located along the Atlantic coast are called the Atlantic Provinces. These are Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador. They are called the Atlantic Provinces. Nova Scotia has the largest population, followed by New Brunswick.

You did not provide details of your education, occupation, or work experience. However, individuals who are deemed to be qualified foreign workers, or international graduates from a Canadian institution who want to live and work in one of the Atlantic Provinces, may choose to apply via the Atlantic Immigration Programme (AIP) to become permanent residents. The qualifying factor is that you will need to provide proof that you are a skilled worker or a graduate of an Atlantic Canada post-secondary institution to be eligible to apply for the programmme.


If you intend to apply under the AIP, you will also need to receive a job offer from a designated Atlantic employer. Foreign workers are often confused about how to acquire these jobs.

Designated employers are required to advertise their vacancies on various Canadian and provincial job=search websites. A list of these designated employers is available on Province’s website. You should check the list and look at the website of the employers for more information.

If you are looking for a position with a designated employer, you are encouraged to apply for advertised vacancies from designated employers as this is the best way to ensure that you are receiving legitimate offers. Other reliable sources are the job-bank portal search. and indeed, job-search websites.


Individuals with or without an express entry profile have an opportunity to apply directly to the province of Nova Scotia for nomination for permanent residence directly under the Nova Scotia Nominee Program. This application should be submitted directly via the province’s website at

Qualified skilled workers, international graduates, entrepreneurs, and professionals who wish to reside permanently in the province, may apply directly to the province under streams such as the Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities, Labour Market Priorities for Physicians, Physician Streams, Entrepreneur Stream, International Graduate Entrepreneur, International Graduate in Demand, Skilled Worker, Occupations in Demand, and the Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry Stream.

Since there are several different pathways, I recommend that you consult directly with an immigration lawyer, provide a copy of your résumé, and details of your background to determine the most appropriate route for you and your family.

If you satisfy the requirements, the province will issue a Certificate or Endorsement Letter that you can use to submit a permanent residence application to the federal government of Canada. Most Canadian immigration programmes require that you possess the necessary job experience, education, meet the language requirements, and show that you will have enough money to provide for yourself and your family after you arrive in Canada.

These programmes usually fall under the economic programmes and require that you have an educational credential assessment report of your international studies and a certificate to show your language competence.

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