Fri | Dec 1, 2023

Jacks Hill, St Andrew residents vow to continue protest over bad roads

Published:Tuesday | September 26, 2023 | 3:23 PM
Residents argued that roads in the area have been neglected for decades and that the situation has worsened with recent heavy rains. - Kenyon Hemans photo.

Residents of Jacks Hill in St Andrew say they will continue their protest until the authorities address poor road conditions in the area.

This morning, they mounted roadblocks to press their case.

They argued that roads have been neglected for decades and that the situation has worsened with recent heavy rains. 

Using trees to block the intersection of Juba Spring and City View in the community, the residents voiced frustration with the representation they have been receiving from Member of Parliament for St Andrew North Eastern, Delroy Chuck.  

“We are saying for the past decade Mr Chuck has been representing us and none out of those two roads [Juba Spring and City View], he has not fixed one metre…and we are tired of it,” 59-year-old resident Delroy Francis told The Gleaner

“How can you be representing us for more than a decade and don't try to fix the road?” he asked. 

Francis said the member of parliament visited the community earlier this year and made promises to fix the road but those remain unfulfilled.

In the meantime, he said damaged front-ends and worn-out tyres on vehicles are evidence of the damage the potholes in the roads caused to the vehicles of residents.

“So mek sure you have a light so you don't break yuh foot or sprain yuh foot or if you driving, mek sure yuh drive properly cause you don't want yuh car to drop dung inna pothole and next thing yuh haffi go call help to lift it out. Yuh haffi play hopscotch with the road when you driving on it,” he said. 

- Sashana Small