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The Beauty in Her Confidence

Published:Tuesday | July 7, 2015 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Shanique Palmer
Danielle Chang
Novlet A. Green-Deans 
Nicole Campbell
Natalia Outar
Hillary Evelyn
Danisha Scott
Zanya Henry

The sound of her heels says 'yes she has arrived', maybe you enjoy the natural swaying of her hips as she draws closer. Her stature commands attention, her smile lights up every room, stimulating conversation, talent never ceases to amaze, heart of gold melts those around her, or maybe it is her engaging eloquence that leaves a room captivated.

Whatever the case may be, it is safe to say that you can't help but admire a woman who exudes confidence. But have you ever stopped to wonder: what is the secret of these women? What motivates them?

Outlook linked up with a few of these confident Jamaican women as we talk beauty and confidence.

1. At first, it used to be my tough mentality which was instilled with me due to my childhood experiences. According to my parents, I was born that way, but now, I would have to say it is my religious belief that makes me even more confident.

Hillary Evelyn, 28, Sales and Distribution Manager

2. I'd say my strength literally comes from self as well as divine belief. Since reading the book 'The Purpose Driven Life', it has brought an entirely new perspective to who I am as a person and the purpose for which I was created. It also reminded me that even with roadblocks and curve balls, once you truly believe that you were created for a purpose, it helps you to think and act accordingly. I believe my purpose is to be confident, creative, and to execute accordingly, so I live my life as such.

Shanoy Coombs, 30, Public Relations Practitioner.

3. What makes me confident is being completely conscious of my self worth. Just knowing I was placed on this earth to add value to it by bringing to life whatever my mind conceives, gives me the boost I need each day. I matter! And a great outfit with the right amount of makeup doesn't hurt either.

Shanique Palmer, 27, Communications Consultant for Bespoke Communications.

4. The secret to my confidence is knowing that I'm comfortable with who I am. I'm not trying to be anyone else and I'm not competing with anyone but the person I was yesterday. What gives me my confidence, too, is knowing that I have conquered many things in every facet of my life including inner doubts.

Having a successful track record helps to build your confidence. I rarely put myself in a position where I'm in over my head. This is also where self-deprecating humour comes in handy - nothing better than to laugh at yourself. If there is something I'm scheduled to do (presentation or speech) I always over prepare, and that helps- being well versed in any topic helps to ward off any nervousness. The motto I go by is this: I'm not for everyone - but for those who get me and love me. I can say all these things gives me confidence internally. But nothing beats my city colour lipstick in matte red! Instant confidence booster!

Natalie Outar, 38, Stylist and Fashion Blogger.

5. The secret to my confidences is self understanding. Once you understand yourself you can conquer anything.

Danisha Scott, 24, Model.

6. The foundation of my confidence was established by my mother. From as early as I can remember, and to this day, she always makes me feel like I could do absolutely anything I imagined. That I had the power and capacity to do all things through Christ, and she gave me the freedom to fail and fall, get up and recover, learn and move forward.

My dad had a different approach, he put that confidence to use by ensuring that I never for a minute got complacent. Now, as a woman, wife, mother, entrepreneur, speaker, friend, and counsellor, my confidence is bolstered by faith in God and an incredibly supportive husband who always has calm, strong words of reinforcement when the inevitable moments of self-doubt arise. My kids, too - they see me as almost their entire world and when I see how confident they are, I figure that God is with me and I must be doing a good job.

Nicole Campbell, Director, AIM Educational Services.

7. Confidence is important if one is to excel. If you don't have it then you can't inspire confidence in others. For me, the foundation of confidence is competence, trying to maintain positive thoughts, understanding that failure is acceptable and temporary, knowing that life is constant learning, so I must build my competencies to prepare me for my life's journey. Self-confidence is not innate. It is built over time.

Novlet Deans, CEO Environmental Health Foundation (EHF) Group of Companies.

8. I think confidence lies within my talents - martial arts and dance. I always feel unstoppable because I get a natural high doing the things I love the most. It helps that I am good at what I love so that boosts my confidence. Also, having a strong mind set makes me confident. When you have a strong mind set, you don't get easily intimidated by people since you already have certain beliefs and principles.

Danielle Chang, 23, Singer, Dancer and Martial Artist

9. My belief in God and my strong support unit - my family and closest friends. Over the years, my unit has seen me through the worst and has offered words of wisdom to keep me grounded. Also, what gives me confidence is seeing the progress and growth I have made in terms of my education and career, just knowing where I started on this journey and where I am now.

Zanya Henry, 28, Doctor.