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Make room for school

Published:Monday | August 24, 2015 | 12:00 AM
The most wonderful decorative item that should be in the room is a vision board – a tool that can motivate and inspire.
The space-saving, functional folding table.
Be creative and do not limit the functions of furniture. This book shlf also doubles as a desk which is a must have in a child's room.
Be inspired by bright colours and cute functional peices such as the lamp that functions as a photo frame as well.
Another great trend is vintage, old hand-me-downs that can be repurposed to awesome personality pieces. This desk is paired with a modern chair for that up-to-date look.

Imagine looking at the world through the eyes of a child. A world of vivid imagination, a world of wonderment, curiosity and exploration. Now suppose you could bottle that world and cultivate it, that would be something, wouldn't't it? While we can't bottle it, we can certainly encourage and provide the necessary foundation to foster that safe place. That place where thoughts are developed into visions and where dreams are made, that place of peace and excitement all at once.

The learning process begins the moment a baby comes into the world. Some experts argue that the learning process started in uterus, so we create a nursery for a positive learning environment and hopefully as a baby becomes a toddler, then a young child to pre-teen etc, the environment is modified to inspire the growing mind.

Decorating a child's room is challenging at best. While it's important to be age appropriate, the room must be able to grow with the child. So there has to be a plan for the next stage of development. The best way to plan for that is to map out what stage will be the longest and the most challenging. After determining this stage, the goal of the long term decor plan will be for this period. Forget the terrible twos, my money is on the tween to teenage years!

So as they get ready for the start of a new school year, its important that their room is set up right to provide all they will need and inspire them. DeZign Diva Karen Booker, provided Outlook with the foundation decor elements for the perfect learning environment.

• A book case

• Storage ottoman

• Desk and chair

• A vision board

• Proper lighting

• Colour of walls

• Headboard

• Bedding, window treatment and toys are all blanks that you can fill in.

Wall colour

Wall colour needs not be gender specific. Bright lively colours may be a bit much for the tranquillity of a bedroom. So for colours, stick to the basic neutral tones for the walls. Incorporate the lively hues in accent pillows and window treatment.


The headboard

All beds require a headboard, If one were not purchased with the divan, make one using plywood, foam and fabric. It's a simple DIY project that can be achieved in half a day. Here's what you do, measure the width of the bed, get plywood the size of the measurement. Then get foam to the same measurements. Glue the foam to the wood then cover with a hardy decorative fabric. Vinyl is perfect as it can be easily wiped off.


Along with overhead lighting, there must be a bedside lamp. These are readily available and should be solar for energy efficiency.

Vision board

The most wonderful decorative item that should be in the room is a vision board. A vision board is a tool that can motivate and inspire anyone to achieve future goals. This board can be made in one afternoon. After having a lively discussion with your child about their future, get visual representations from magazines or computer and glue them on to a foam core, then mount on the wall. Right beside this board, should be certificates and awards. Remember to put God and family on the board! So for this valuable bonding experience, you will need, scissors, magazines, glue, and foam core - you determine the size.


A desk and chair can be as elaborate as the budget can allow, or as creative as a re imagined piece of furniture or a fold down table that is stored on the wall when not in use. The point of a desk in a child's room is to place importance on the responsibility of getting homework done.


Children accumulate things and one of the ways to store toys and create extra seating is to acquire a storage ottoman.

The bookcase

The all-important bookcase should house not only books, but toys and certificates. The point here is to make an attractive display that the child will want to grab a book and read.

Trend watch

The trend for children's rooms right now is chalkboard paint. You can apply this paint on sections of walls for schedules, chest of drawers for labelling and a host of other solutions you could come up with. All you have to do is mix two tablespoons of un-sanded grout to 1 cup of paint, that's it! The possibilities are endless as the colour of the chalkboard are no longer limited to green or black.

Another great trend is vintage, old hand-me-downs that can be re purposed to create awesome personality pieces.

For additional tips and inspiration contact Karen Booker, Creative Director of Karen Booker Design Group and DeZign Diva by calling 931-9556, or emailing