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Ms Jaye's Endless Summer

Published:Monday | August 17, 2015 | 1:59 PM
Lisa Escalona is relaxed by the pool in a White Palazzo Jumpsuit with straight strap details and extra long vintage waist sash. Oversized broad rim hat suited for a beach event. Alternatively, remove the hat and you have a night time look.
Anna-Lisa Guthrie models a queen of the jungle outfit accompanied with a black cropped top.
Jaye-Ann 'Ms Jaye' O'Connor, chief executive officer of Ms Jaye Design Studio, models one of her pieces - A vintage high-waisted tribal flair skirt with a black lace top- that can take you from daytime with a flirty sandal to night time with the perfect set of heels.
Lisa (left) and Anna-Lisa make there way to the pool side. Lisa sports her 'Black Chloe' cover-up that features a versatile bodysuit and beach chic mesh dress attached. It allows you to rock this on the tropical sands or express your street style. Anna-Lisa models a two piece 'Flower Girl Swimsuit'set with a bandeau top and high waist bottom with tie details.
Lisa Escalona is on her way to an all-inclusive beach party in her Tribal cropped halter top with green high waist double slit pants. Pants can be worn as a cover-up or pair with gladiators for those who like edge for a sexy night time look.

Ms Jaye's Endless Summer

The Endless Summer collection by Jaye-Ann O'Connor is full of vibrant pieces characterised by flowing silhouettes with a vintage chic and ethnic flair -

perfect for Jamaica's year-round tropical


No matter how basic or hip you want

your outfit, O'Connor ensures her pieces accentuate your femininity and complement all occasion - formal, casual or day out with friends.

O'Connor, who is the designer and chief executive officer of Ms Jaye-Ann Design Studio, noted that her inspiration comes from her Caribbean culture.

O'Connor explained that her personal love for fashion was the premise on which she

started, and is what keeps her going, "I love dressing up, revamping and putting pieces together. It gets me all excited inside. I

naturally love when people are happy, and that's what I take with me when designing for my customers."

Fashion journey

O'Connor's foray into fashion wasn't always her dream. "At one point, I wanted to do medicine, but fashion and business are way cooler. It's all about making moves and watching your growth, however small it may be."

Her philosophy is to embellish women through her creative designs so as to build confidence and make them feel absolutely sexy, powerful and timeless with a fusion of vintage and pop culture influences while staying true to authentic Jamaican style.

Feeling an intimate attachment to her business, O'Connor decided that a self-titled business would keep her connected to her friends and customers, "I was looking for something persons would easily identify with - and that was easy - me, Ms Jaye. That way, people could feel like they could personally relate to me and my style."

According to O'Connor, the Ms Jaye Design Studio philosophy is rooted in the empowerment of young women. "Blame it on my childhood obsession, but I believe fashion has the power to change lives. It can be compared to human life. It is fluid, it changes, it adapts, it evolves. It is neither black nor white nor cast in stone. It is a journey. I am on my journey - from the mood boards to being worn by woman. I am my brand; and as my style evolves, so should my brand. The most exciting part is looking at milestones and setting goals and working towards them. It is hard work, but all worth it in the end," O'Connor explained.