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Oraine Barrett in historic Ralph Lauren Global 'Smart Shirt' Partnership

Published:Monday | August 31, 2015 | 12:00 AM
From left: Oraine Barrett, David Lauren, director of Global Advertising and Marketing and brother of Ralph Lauren, and Chris Ryan at the PoloTech launch.
PoloTech with Oraine Barrett

Pulse supermodel Oraine Barrett, entered into a global partnership with one of the world's great designers - Ralph Lauren.

Barrett will lead a new campaign for the brand's new 'smart shirt', unveiled in New York last week. It's been a year since Ralph Lauren entered the wearable tech game, introducing its PoloTech 'smart shirt' for men at the 2014 US Open.

Now PoloTech is ready for market, available online and in stores as of August 27, after a year of tweaking the prototype and adding features, including a fancy fitness app. The shirt retails for $295.

Speaking at the launch in New York, David Lauren, executive vice-president of Global Advertising, Marketing and Corporate communications, was confident in the product's innovation. During a demo which accompanied the launch of the smart shirt and app with a fleet of trainers at Quinox Midtown Manhattan, Barrett was introduced as the lead face of the brand.

"This is the most accurate, best wearable technology on the market right now," said Lauren, noting that it took the company two years to develop the smart shirt 1.0 with its in-house innovation lab and proprietary technology from Canada-based Om Signal.

The PoloTech Shirt works with Polo Tech App on an iPhone, putting real-time workout data in the palm of your hand. By Biometrics, it tracks your heart rate, calories burnt, steps taken and activity level.

Despite being a long-time favourite of the brand, Barrett was nonetheless thrilled to be the lead on this history-making high-tech product, which is the latest in a long line of Polo innovation.

Oraine, the Caribbean's leading male model noted, "this campaign has brought me joy and happiness. Not only because it is an achievement in itself, but because I have been able to sustain continuity in an industry that is more brutal today, than it has ever been. I am always grateful to God for showing me the light, especially in tough times. As relentless as modelling can be, it is very important to understand the intricacies of the business and operate accordingly. I have been able to do this."

He continued: "This new achievement with Ralph Lauren, also serves to showcase something that I have been focusing on and loving for the past three years - health and fitness. It is an area that is a good and natural fit with modelling. I am in a place where I know I can make a positive difference, whether it is about eating the proper foods for optimal body function, or preparing the body for overall physical fitness, this is an area of great interest to me. With this new dimension in my life, I am now able to realise so much more of what is possible with the added collaboration with the new Ralph Lauren PoloTech adventure."