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Ten things to put on your bucket list

Published:Tuesday | October 4, 2016 | 12:00 AMRandy Bowman

Some say you only have one life to live, but if you live it right - once is enough. Others say life is short, and so you should live every moment like the last. Whatever quotes you live by, below is a list of 10 things to do before you die.

1 Travel: Yes, and you do not have to break the bank to do so. While it would be superb to go outside of your country, if you are limited by budgetary constraints, enjoy the place of your birth. Go to each parish, whether weekly or monthly.

2 Learn to cook a gourmet meal: While the Jamaican palate is quite diverse, not many of us know how to prepare international dishes from scratch. Many chefs offer classes, and there is always the Internet. Think of how satisfying it would be to know you created that masterpiece.

3 Learn another language: Now don't be afraid, it's not rocket science, and there are quite a few organisations that offer language-learning services. Look one up and start.

4 Do an extreme adventure: Whether or not you are an adrenaline junkie, it will be worth the ride to do something that raises your heart rate for just a few minutes, creating memories for a lifetime.

5 Get a piercing: Before you go ballistic, wait a minute. Most girls would have already had two, and if so, it is OK to scratch that off. But for others, especially the men, a one shot in each ear is fine.

6 Get naked ... on a nude beach: This one should be self-explanatory. The experience will be enlightening and liberating, to say the least.

7 Book a session with a professional photographer: Get the entire package - glammed up from head to toe and having the time of your life in front of a camera.

8 Find a charity organisation and volunteer your services and time: Salvation Army, Red Cross, or even your local church all need your help in enhancing the lives of those in need.

9 Get a fish pedicure: OMG. This can be a little intimidating because the practice involves a school of fish eating the dead skin off your feet.

Since the early 21st century, Garra rufa, also called doctor fish, nibble fish, kangal fish and bonefish, have been integrated into spa treatments, where they feed on the skin of patients with psoriasis. Today, the practice is done in many countries worldwide.

10 Go offline for 48 hours: This might be the most challenging for many of us. Within the last 10 years, technology has invaded almost every aspect of our lives. While these various gadgets and tools are great, we tend to take the simpler things in life for granted. Enjoy the sunset, smell the roses, talk to a family member or long-lost friend.

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