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Celebrating M-O-T-H-E-R-S

Published:Monday | May 8, 2017 | 12:00 AM

As we celebrate Mother's Day, I will share a reminder of the roles and responsibilities of mothers. This is intended to impact the lives and actions of existing and prospective mothers and those of us who need to support them.




Mothers represent the second part of the patriarch-matriarch team that guides families. Mothers are not designed to wear the pants, but the skirt should not be silent. This is a partnership for development and growth of the family.

Mothers need to reflect on this responsibility to be an active partner in planning and leading their families to being the best they can be. They should not opt out of having a voice in the decision-making and simply leave things up to their husbands.

M is also for model. Mothers set the tone for the behaviour of their family. Dress, hygiene and manners are usually the domain of the mother. What people think about children is a tribute to or reflection on their mother. Your children are ambassadors for your family, spend time to groom them to be great representatives.




This is a challenging one and is not to be misunderstood. Men seem to have a greater need for risk and danger than women. Mothers need to be a steadying influence in the family.

Mothers need to ask questions about the source of gifts. They need to search the school bags of their children and get good answers, learn more about relationships.

However, mothers also need to take time to understand issues and plans. This has to be done without being discouraging. Seek to empower and support. Your goal is not to shut down aspirations - life does entail some risk.




Mothers are expected to play a central role in equipping their children to navigate life.

It is distressing to contemplate the fate of so many of our young people who lack basic life-coping skills. Resolving conflict is one example.

Mothers need to pass on life skills to their children, and ensure that they create opportunities for the ongoing development of their offspring.




Mothers have a major role to play in managing the home. How many fathers make a fuss when the children fail to hang up their clothes or put things in the right place?

Mothers need to step up to the challenge of converting a house into a home. This needs to be a place of refuge and comfort for the family. All the members should look forward to coming home. Mothers should be proactive in creating and sustaining a warm, inviting environment for the family.

Woman of noble character: "She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her." Proverbs 31: 27-28




Yes, expert. 'Mother knows best' has been a phrase that has been used for centuries. Mothers are asked more questions than even full-time teachers.

Sorry, moms, you have to acquire knowledge. You are not allowed to stop learning, and you have to take an active interest in many areas. The problem is that if you consistently say you don't know or give wrong information, you will be bypassed and lose some relevance. The children will look outside for guidance which may not be desirable.




Mothers need to be a rock for the family. Mothers are to be resilient. When troublesome times come, mothers should be a calming influence. Through their faith, they should be beacons of hope. They should encourage the family to put their trust in God and to present their petitions to Him - in faith.

Ensure that you guide your children to fear God and be obedient to His will. One example is the way Eunice (grandmother) and Lois (mother) influenced Timothy to become a powerful ambassador for Christ.

- Trevor E.S. Smith is a behaviour modification coach with the Success with People Academy, home of the revolutionary FinxS platform from Extended DISC. Hire smart with FinxS behavioural assessments. Conduct employee satisfaction surveys, 360 performance evaluations and team reports using logistics-friendly technology.

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