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My Outlook | Finding the Right Balance with Liane Chung

Published:Monday | May 22, 2017 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall
Chung leg presses 270 pounds and goes hard!!
During the day, Chung (right) wears the jacket of litigator at Nigel Jones and Company alongside her senior, Kashina Moore.
Liane Chung, the attorney-at-law who will stop at nothing to be great.
For Chung, it was 'love at first sweat'.

Adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a hassle, especially as you try to find a balance between health and wellness, achieving your professional dreams, and having a social life.

However, if 27-year-old attorney-at-law and fitness fanatic, Liane Chung can do it, so can you. Want to know her secret? Her secret is consistency, dedication and discipline.

"My outlook on life is simple - I always give my best to be the best me. I believe it requires being healthy, being productive with my time, and aiming to achieve more," Chung told Outlook.

With a desire to leave a positive impact on society, not only through her legal work but through inspiring others to live a fit and healthy lifestyle, Chung is determined to do whatever is necessary to attain greatness.


Inspired by her mother


She has always been active and energetic, having been exposed to a fit and healthy lifestyle from a young age. Her mother, Rosemarie Voordouw is her prime inspiration for being balanced.

"My mother worked out up to eight months while she was pregnant with me. Growing up seeing her study for her various master's degrees, work out, stay active in church, play the role of a wife and mother who attended all my sport events while still maintaining a social life, was amazing to me. I couldn't help but be inspired," Chung told Outlook.

Chung participated in sports in school. She became captain of the swimming and netball team at Queen's Preparatory, ran track and took dance classes at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in the summertime.

Her love for sports continued into high school where she became part of the swimming and track teams at Immaculate Conception High School. She then became a lover of skipping ropes and hiking by the time she got to the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona.

"It's safe to say health and fitness and I have a 'love-at-first-sweat' relationship," she said with a chuckle.

Fitness however, is not her only passion. From childhood, Chung always had strong opinions and was passionate about becoming an advocate and a voice for individuals who could not speak for themselves. She knew that law would provide an avenue for that, so after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature, Chung attended UWI in Barbados to study law.


Play hard but work harder


Now an attorney at law at Nigel Jones and Company, Chung is able to conquer the courtroom, enjoy a good party, have girls nights out while still hitting the gym on a daily basis.

"You can't just go to work and that's it for your life. You need to have other avenues. Going out is not just it either, you need to be focused, balanced and apply your energy into positivity which is what I do at the gym," Chung said.

Chung shared that proper planning is crucial. She also said that staying dedicated and motivated is not easy but points out that nothing great in life comes easy.

"I plan ahead and remain consistent, dedicated and disciplined. I pack my gym bag and prepare my meals from the night before. This saves time and ensures that I'm prepared for the gym and prepared for my daily intake with healthy meals," she said.

"Oh, and I make coffee my best friend," she joked.