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Sensimilla sets Pearly Beach on fire

Published:Tuesday | October 24, 2017 | 12:00 AMAshley Anguin
Anthony Marshall came out to sample Cannabis products at the Sensimilla Cup & Convention at Pearly Beach last weekend.
From left: Snow Directer, Daniel Stephenson (KEEF Magazine) and Luke Issa, owner of Frazzle.
Simon Casserly (left) shares lens with Ralf Studniczka.
From left; Jordan Kennedy, Sarah Scandone (Luvinya) and Balazs Jarai.
From left: International speakers Wanda James, ceo of Simply Pour Dispensary, shares lens with Chanda Macais, Dr Lakisha Jenkins and Kim Ford.
Avi Hill shares lens with Andre Hill, organiser of Sensimillia Cup & Convention.
Jasazii showcases her products to Tristan Champagne winner for best cannabis strain and extract.

Cannabis strains - Blueberry Cheese, Purple Skunk, Amniesia, and Lemon - had patrons on a 'high' at the first annual Sensimilla Cup and Convention, last weekend at Pearly Beach in Ocho Rios, St Ann.

Staged to educate local farmers about techniques and practices of the cannabis industry, the event featured the best that Jamaica has to offer locally and internationally.

A number of booths showcasing not only the 'good sensimilla', but also authentic Jamaican ital stew, jerked chicken, ackee and saltfish, and manish water, were on display, complemented by a wide selection of wines, some infused with cannabis, sorrel, and other fruits.

The cool breeze and reggae music encouraged patrons to kick off their shoes, walk barefoot, and just light one up.

Event coordinator AndrÈ Hill, a local organic grower, noted that the best cannabis-growing techniques are not being used in Jamaica while experts from Washington, DC, Dr Chanda Macias, spoke of how Canada was currently exporting medical cannabis all over the world.

CEO of Colorado's Simply Pure Dispensary, Wanda James, revealed that she and her husband, were the first African Americans to own a legal dispensary. They spoke about how great the Jamaican cannabis is and urged Jamaicans to start capitalising on the product quickly.

Of course, the essence and order of the day was sensimilla, as patrons roamed freely enjoying puffs from their spliffs, pipes or whatever smoking device they had.

Musically, the crowd was entertained by legendary guitarist Earl 'Chinna' Smith and his band Binghistra Movements, who had patrons on their feet.

Other local entertainers had the crowd rocking and blazing, while cannabis grower, Tristan Champagne was crowned winner for submitting the best strain and extract in the competition.

Here are some highlights.