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Keep abreast of your sexual health with My Calendar

Published:Monday | September 17, 2018 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

When it comes to our menstrual cycle, many women just count the days to have an idea of the next due date. But our cycle is more than the five to seven days that you see your period, and having the My Calendar app is one that will help to keep you on top of your cycle and sexual health.

Now, the app might not be down to a science and it does not replace a medical practitioner, but it helps women to not only monitor their cycle, but their family planning as well. When downloading the app, you are asked to enter your most recent period's start and end dates. It then estimates your ovulation period and predicts your next cycle. After a few months, unless your cycle is tremendously irregular, you will see that the app aligns with your cycle, even if it is somewhat irregular.

It also reminds you a few days in advance of your expected date. So, if you have a busy lifestyle, the day doesn't catch you by surprise. One less thing to worry about.

One thing that it keeps accurately is your ovulation period. It gives you a seven-day window for ovulation and highlighting the day when you will be most fertile in that period. With this being the case, if you are unable to take birth controls and are using the rhythm method as a form of birth control, you can pay attention to your fertile period to maybe halt or pause your sexual activities.

On the other hand, if you are trying to have children, the ovulation feature allows you to know exactly when you are most fertile. Here you can turn up the heat at home and make your love blossom and plant the seeds for a beautiful bundle of joy.

You will also be able to make notes and monitor your period. Therefore, if you have conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome, or fibroids, and want to monitor your cycle, you can make detailed notes that you can take back to your gynaecologist. So your temperature, mood, weight and flow details can be added. The app is a one-stop for your ovarian health and a must-have for women who just want to be on top of their bodies.

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