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Jamaicans abroad helping Jamaicans at home (JAHJAH Foundation)

Published:Sunday | February 3, 2019 | 12:00 AM
(From left) Dr Patrick Eiban, Dr Gladston Hackett, Lyndon Williams, Dr Trevor Dixon, Aneita Williams and Dr Jeffery Kim. The doctors are from Jacobi Medical Center HHC, Bronx, New York.
Dr Dixon giving a speech at The Knuttsford Court Hotel
A patron at the recent ‘Uptown Mondays’ party in Savannah Plaza, gets his free check up.

The JAHJAH Foundation is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 2007 by Dr Trevor Dixon. Both a United States-registered charity out of New Jersey, and Jamaican registered charity, this foundation’s passions follow medical projects and education. Every year, the foundation conducts mission trips to Jamaica and carries out several projects across the island with the help of overseas volunteers along with a number of persons locally who choose to give their time and skills towards the initiatives of the organisation.


This year, the mission of the JAHJAH Foundation’s 12th annual two-day Emergency Ultra Sound conference, hosted 30 doctors from public hospitals islandwide. Each day of the conference included health fairs at the Spanish Town Touch of Blue Plaza, where residents from Waltham Park and Ray Town were in attendance. Dr Dixon, the CEO of the foundation, ultra sound specialist and the main lecturer for the mission, shared with us what led him to do such momentous work throughout the course of his career.


“Being a child of the soil, I've always wanted to see a better Jamaica, and who better than I to get started with that. I feel very passionate about those less fortunate and it has always fuelled me to keep giving back, and in doing so, have encouraged others to do the same,” he said.


JAHJAH also partnered with the Jamaica AIDS Support for Life and Rough Rider Condoms for a Monday night initiative titled, 'Healing of the Dancehall' at Uptown Mondays in Savannah Plaza. Rough Rider condoms distributed their product to patrons, while the Jamaica AIDS Support for Life, brought their mobile unit to the event, conducting blood pressure and diabetes checks as well as HIV and Syphilis testing.


Their main focus is in the sectors of health, social services and education, through partnerships with the country’s public hospitals, schools and communities. Just this year alone, JAHJAH foundation has already helped approximately 100 students and 150 adults on a daily basis, with the assistance of a team of 22 doctors of varying fields. They have also donated equipment valued at approximately US$35,000 for the mission this year so far, not counting their contributions to the Mango Hall basic school in Little London, Westmoreland. The Foundation, has been working on the infrastructure of the school for the past two years, by re-wiring the school’s electricity which has been connected just in time for the 2019 health fair.

Supporter of the Foundation and director of Maxie Department Stores, Lyndon Williams, shared his admiration for the work of the foundation:

“Giving of oneself is not an easy thing to do and to see the selflessness of Dr Dixon and his team, inspires us to continue giving both personally and as a company.”

Their exceptionally generous contributions have been nothing short of consequential and a positive influence in those lives they have helped and will continue to help.

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