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Althea Walters creatively tracking goals

Published:Sunday | March 24, 2019 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley
Althea Walters
Althea Walters
Althea Walters (left) attending to a client.
Althea Walters
Althea Walters
Pink and blue goal trackers

The 36-year-old enterprising individual believes in steadily progressing towards and through your tasks, using set guidelines and distinctive measures that are intended to keep you running in the race of success until you get to the finish line. As such, Walters gave birth to My Goal Tracker, a nurturing company that provides planners for any occasion.

“My inspiration for designing this self-help tool began a year and a half ago. That was when I wanted to write and plan my thoughts around achieving my personal goals. However, I did not want a regular notebook. I wanted something that would structure me and ask me the relevant questions that would keep me focused and on track,” the zealous businesswoman explained.

Frantically, she searched pharmacies across Jamaica for the one perfect instrument to meet her demands, but was woefully unsuccessful. So, she challenged herself to make one. Since then, she has been sharing her talent with those who need her assistance.

Quarterly workshops

Along with the My Goal Tracker Self-help Workbook, which she is more known for, Walters also offers quarterly workshops and one-on-one coaching services to assist in getting you refreshed for a new set of tasks, keep you focused on those you are already pursuing, or simply getting you started. The former steers the user in conceptualising and executing a vision for their desired objectives. Aims such as fitness, health, finance, relationship and purchasing a house are some options that it opens you up to.

As the world progresses with the incessant invention of technological applications and devices that can easily replace her physical products, Walters remains undaunted. In fact, she welcomes the blows.

“Staying competitive is not easy, but it is exciting when you are committed to your goal. I continuously seek new information and look globally at what others are doing or have done and see what works for them. I don’t only examine my industry, but also similar areas where I can get the insight of how to package or update my product and services,” said Walters.

She continued: “Innovation is also key. Recently, I created another version to the Goal Tracker and launched My Wedding Tracker for Brides and Event Planners. It includes all the relevant details from the major tasks to the smallest of to-dos, so that our brides are not flustered and can remain organised while planning their wedding.”

The go-getter, highlights that like many others in the entrepreneurial field, there are times when she struggles to compete with similar products.

“While we preach ‘Buy Jamaica, Build Jamaica’, in my industry, there are a lot of imported planners in Jamaica that are featured in the storefronts. My biggest challenge is to find partnerships with those agencies or businesses that would want to carry my locally designed and printed planner,” she said, confessing that she is yet to solve this problem, but is determined to find a solution soon.

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