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Tree Hugg offers sustainable living

Published:Sunday | March 24, 2019 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie - Gleaner Writer

What does it mean to live a sustainable lifestyle, and is it possible to do so in a developing country?

Sustainable living describes a way of life that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of the Earth’s natural resources. People who attempt this often try to reduce their carbon footprint by altering their methods of transportation, energy consumption and diet. Tree Hugg Ja, is a new organisation, formed by youth for youth, which aims to sensitise youth to the effects of climate change.

The youth are now creating innovative ‘green’ designs to combat the detrimental effects of climate change. Tree Hugg Ja is also an environmental hub which provides information, methods of funding, and a platform for young manufacturers to showcase their ideas.

“We focus on sustainable living and products that are alternatives to less sustainable items, such as plastics,” said Crystal Scale, who is the reigning Miss Manchester Festival Queen 2018. Scale is also a contributing manufacturer at Tree Hugg, where she supplies mats made from recycled plastic.

Other products offered by Tree Hugg include reusable shopping and food-storage bags made from breathable material; reusable food wraps made from cotton and beeswax; recycle bins; customised compost bins for both domestic and commercial waste management and the packaging of compost.

“We also offer mechanical engineering services and, as our name says, sustainability is a triple-point, bottom-line planning,” said Tree Hugg executive, Shamoy Hajare, who specialises in bees wax reusable wrapping paper. Triple Point Bottom Line planning is an accounting framework with three parts: social, environmental (or ecological) and financial.

Tree Hugg’s members are strong advocates for Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA), which is a nature-based solution that harnesses biodiversity and ecosystem services to reduce vulnerability and build resilience to climate change.

“We also have an Earth Strong Youth Fund, which helps to fund innovative initiatives,” said Hajare.

“Our dream is to become the one-stop shop for all eco-friendly products made by our young manufacturers. Persons will be able to visit our website and social media to view and shop for sustainable items,” said Hajare.

As climate change becomes a more prominent topic worldwide, nations are racing the clock to develop new ways to combat the effects. Tree Hugg, is excited to see the youths of Jamaica becoming more aware and involved in the cause.

For more information about Tree Hugg, call (876) 521-9528 or email info.treehugg@gmail.com.