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Mullings in The Beauty Haus

Published:Sunday | April 7, 2019 | 12:08 AMKrysta Anderson - Gleaner Writer

When your nails match your outfit, they become accessories. That is the essence of the haus of beauty.

Beauty Haus Spa opened its doors almost four months ago and, already, have been developing a loyal and dedicated self-pampering clientele. Today, Outlook shares the unique story of this innovative opportunity.

She is a singer-songwriter. He is restaurateur. Together, the dynamic duo of Denyque and Careem Mullings embarked on a new and exciting journey into the world of cosmetics. According to Careem, the stylish step occurred merely by chance, rather than through an actively planned decision.

“The previous owners were selling the business as is and after doing some research, we decided that it was a good investment for us, so we took it.”

The proud wife Denyque, was always a big fan of self-care, so she was no stranger to the world of beauty; in fact, she embraced this timeless phenomenon.

The term Beauty Haus was created by the la femme de la chic of the pair, who explained that because she is of German descent, she wanted to pay homage to her ancestry, and stand out fabulously in this seemingly saturated area of expertise. Another way she chose to separate from the pampering pack was by way of offering a host of exclusively trendy services. From regular acrylic, unique pedicures and paraffin pedicures, to gel-extensions and dip powder (these are the main focus), among many others, they are guaranteed to please, leaving you relaxed, shimmering, shining, and satisfied.

“We also provide full-glam services for just about any occasion. And we are the exclusive distributor for the Tasty Must company,” Careem added.

“One booth is occupied by a skilled nail specialist. And currently, we have two booths available,” revealed Denyque, who learned the trade after acquiring the business. This self-taught ‘supergirl’, now sits on the other side of the chair, catering to all your glitzy and glamorous nail-care needs.

Reception, so far, has been going quite well, the power couple stated. People are coming out, but because the store is located on Constant Spring Road, the construction is causing mayhem and slowing down the process.

“Although persons are interested, they are just not willing to traverse this route. So until the road is finished, this is going to continue to impact negatively on the business,” Careem said.

Despite the hiccups, the fortuitous move proved to be fruitful. Aside from being proud of their growing clientele, the two have managed to fuse their individual strengths of creativity and business know how, applying their own Yin Yang philosophy to make the company a success.

“As far as entrepreneurial pursuits go, this is nothing new. But it’s a new venture and new field altogether. Denyque is very artistic. She has more insight into this area of expertise. So I leave that aspect of the business up to her. Where I come in is to provide support for these creative ideas by implementing them and making them financially beneficial.”

He continued by noting, “Once we get over this construction hurdle, we looking at expansion and going islandwide. We are trying to find a way to bring a difference to this saturated market. That’s why we’re doing gel ex, because many aren’t sharing this technique outside of Kingston,” the couple disclosed.

The pair, who shares quality time with their son, Conner, confessed that balancing business with family, is far from easy. Denyque, revealed that not having a ‘nine to five’ helps significantly. If she isn’t in the studio, she’s either at home with her bundle of joy or he’s on the road with her.

“He’s a trooper,” she added with confidence. While Careem, who engages in a few business ventures, explains that sometimes it is rough, but he keeps making morning memories a routine with his wife and son, and gets in extra time throughout the day and at night.

Careem’s advice to persons considering a new business as an entrepreneurial opportunity for success, is to be calculated, as well as do a feasibility study and a business model.

“Not because it is affordable means it makes sense.”

So if you’re looking for a serene environment, where you can be at pampered peace, relax and get all dolled up, then make your way to Beauty Haus Spa today.

For more information, visit Beauty Haus Spa at Shop 42, Princeville Plaza, Constant Spring Road.