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Rejuvenate beauty with Restore

Published:Sunday | April 14, 2019 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley - Gleaner Writer
Sharon Smith Burrowes is enthusiastic about Restore Hair and Skin Care products.
These haircare products work for all hair types.
For optimal results, the Restore skincare line offers a number of products that work for babies, too.
The Hairline & Upper Crown Regrowth Oil is perfect for alopecia.

Scores of testimonies that fill the purple walls of Fashionable Wigs and Hair Clinic are the first things you’ll see when you step into the haircare sanctum. Exuding a strong sense of authority and control over hair loss and skin troubles, it’s also the home of Restore, a burgeoning hair and skincare brand that offers a plethora of products for your convenience.

Sharon Smith Burrowes is the boss of the show. Entering into the beauty industry a decade ago, Smith Burrowes added a new stripe to her badge of honour in the last five years. That’s when she started to make her merchandise. With more than 10 products to the line, the trichologist is bent on restoring the confidence of those who suffer from alopecia, baldness and other hair-loss conditions. Paying attention to every detail, the expert also makes it a priority to help those who require her service to maintain healthy-looking and moisturised hair. Treating skin itches, or eczema, is another in her range of services.

“Hair loss is increasing in Jamaica. When I did my research, I realised that one of the main causes for this is excessive tension on the follicle. Extensions and incorrect use of chemicals are some of the more common factors that lead to the tension,” she told Outlook in a recent interview.


Smith Burrowes timidly used her products, which she makes at home, for three years at the hair clinic before making them available to the public. Afraid of how others would respond to her offering, she kept dodging the promising enterprising venture. Nonetheless, after countless words of encouragement from those who experienced the effectiveness of her creations, she finally decided to take a leap of faith.

“What pushed me more is that there are times when I do scalp analysis on my clients, and when I recommend products to these persons [it] wasn’t enough, and that affected the results. So I sought spiritual intervention, because I needed to know what I could do for these women,” she explained.

Now, Restore has been an official beauty line since the last two years. It is available at 40 locations islandwide. Her interest in helping others pushed her to pursue further studies to learn to better assess hair-loss conditions.

Coconut cream moisturiser, natural follicle oil, stimulant oil, hairline and upper crown regrowth oil, spotless cream, and beauty and cleansing water are just a few of the products Smith Burrowes makes. And with an arsenal of other fantastic and functional items, you’ll have a better chance of getting exactly what you need to solve your worries.

“I use natural elements to make these items and the process can be challenging ... because for each to be effective, the measure for each ingredient has to be on point. Thyme, shea and rosemary oil are the three main ingredients.”

Smith Burrowes is encouraging you to not throw in the towel and allow your maladies to take over you well-being. The key to recovery, she asserts, is in her inventions.

For more information on how to obtain the purely organic treatments, contact Restore at (876) 905-1222.