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Paint, Sip and Magic! Pickney Pampering: mission accomplished

Published:Sunday | May 5, 2019 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley - Gleaner Writer
From left: Chief Pickney Officer Naleighna-Kae McLean along with Dannielia Richards and Tiffany Calvin-Clarke surround Taylor-Rae McCarthy as she shows her masterpiece.
At the end of the session, Mekai Collins proudly displays a painting which he acknowledges as a work of art.
Danielia McLean (centre) advises Robyn Thomas (left) and Harmony-Dior Thompson with painting tips.
Vandasia Foster is first in line for her manicure session by Danielia McLean, owner of Pickney Pampering and host of the event.
Trudy Bailey finds it difficult to resist the light-hearted pleasure of the rousing paint session.
Kris-Sarai Martin paints her piece in one of her favourite colours.
Unicorn magic permeates the atmosphere.

They painted, sipped, snacked, and produced sheer magic. Done in the name of fun, it was Pickney Pampering’s latest attempt at creating admirable looks of pleasure on the faces of young boys and girls.

The child-grooming sanctum recently executed it’s thrill mission by concluding the children’s Easter holiday with utter excitement.

Host Danielia McLean and owner of the salon explained, that the cheerful occasion is another creative way of entertaining children and allowing them to explore imaginative worlds. And although it was just for an afternoon, it’s an additional recreational venture that afforded parents a little more time to get things done.


“This is the first activity of its kind that I have hosted. Many more are in my head, but this one was a test to see how parents would have responded, and it’s definitely a success. My aim now is to have one once every month,” she said.

Gathering at the Mall Plaza, where the salon is located, the participants were brimming with enthusiasm and eagerness. They anxiously prepared to create masterpieces. So, they armed themselves with paintbrushes and paint to bring colourful life to a mythical creature resembling a horse with a horn in the centre of its forehead, etched on the white canvas. At the sound of ‘go’, the unicorn-themed party kicked off with the rousing session.

The afternoon progressed, with beats of energetic melodies pumping each partaker with zeal. This made the experience even more electrifying. Adults who watched as the youngsters indulged in the activity, could not resist a growing urge to get their share of the light-hearted pleasure.

One exciting activity followed the other at the event. The package also included unicorn goodies.

“At Pickney Pampering, the focus is not just getting the hair done. It’s to create an experience for children that they will never forget and the decor of the shop is just a part of that. Yes, we pamper children, but this exercise also touches on health and cleanliness,” McLean emphasised.

Pickney Pampering offers a full range of services namely, haircuts for boys and styling for girls, manicures and pedicures.

The final undertaking of the day was just as stirring as the first. One by one they queued and patiently waited for a manicure. It’s a dynamic version of the usual professional care for hands, designed specifically for children. Although it was a special treat at the celebratory affair, it’s a typical service that McLean offers to teach her young clients a good hygienic practice.

Your child can still have a moment of joy similar to this at the next grandiose festivity. For more information on upcoming celebrations, contact Pickney Pampering at (876) 877-2944.