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Accentuate your look

Published:Sunday | June 2, 2019 | 12:00 AMJessica Harrison - Gleaner Writer
This medallion sandal is simple and pairs well with any outfit.
Accentuate your earlobes with these gold leaf earrings.
Mama Mia, Outlook approves!
Janet Forrester tells Outlook her story.
Swing into ‘summer’ with these strappy accents.
Leather straps anyone?
Modern, earthy and elegant.

The journey of life takes each of us on our own personal highway and we never know where we might end up. Janice Forrester went to university to study the world of marketing. Now, she is a notable creative, surpassing the imposed limitations of the handcraft arena.

“I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I always thought it would be along the lines of my education – marketing,” she said.

As Forrester recounted her first business venture, a glimmer of great pride danced across her face.

“I rallied up a group of my friends and we sold painted T-shirts on campus. Any design you could think of, we would get it done. Those went like hot bread and the business sustained itself for a while.”

Just the beginning

Jan’s Accents started out as just a hobby.

“I enjoy wearing unique pieces that accentuate my outfit. People saw them and wanted to pay money for them,” the creative said.

Forrester began making jewellery on a commercial basis out of her home. She then found different handmade craft markets where she was able to set up booths and make her name, locally and internationally.

The journey to having a showroom, however, was the hard part. As a young entrepreneur, one is subject to bouts of scrutiny from both family and friends. While the discouragement slowed her down, it did not stop her drive.

“One day I got up and told everyone to shut up,” she laughed. “Generally, I’m not an aggressive person, but the naysaying became like noise and I decided that I was going to follow my dreams regardless.”

Forrester is proud of the team she pulled together to bring her dreams to life as each of them bring something new and interesting to the table. The workshop department knows the quality she expects and tries their best to exceed expectations while her customer service representative ensures that her clients keep coming back.

“They get the vision,” she said.

The home of ‘Jan’s Accents’, has changed locations twice before finally stepping into a larger, more open space for her clients to feel comfortable. Forrester provides a wide array of handmade leather sandals, jewellery, earrings and belts. The sandals are quite unique and comfortable as the soles are made with some amount of cushioning and depending on the style, the straps are interchangable. In terms of jewellery, they are made up of different metals, stones, wires and occasionally, leather.

To get your hands on these beautiful local handmade items, visit Jan’s Accents at 92, Hope Road in kingston or follow them on social media @jansaccents. Prefer tradition? Call (876) 371-2058.