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Latoya Waugh puts energy into Life Coaching

Published:Sunday | June 2, 2019 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson - Gleaner Writer

“Silence. Tears. Emptiness. Brokenness. Hopeless. Faithless. Lifeless.”

These experiences, according to Latoya Waugh, created her breakthrough moment, leading her down the positive path of self-discovery. Only then was she able to embark on her ultimate goal of becoming a life coach.

Waugh has always possessed the passion for helping others. Initially, her desire was to pursue psychology, but she later shifted focus while pursuing a similar career line.

“I want to help others put their lives on track. Where they struggle the most, I can be of assistance to them. There are people out there who genuinely need the help, but they are not sure where to turn. Being a life coach, I am able to apply some of the techniques I have learnt in psychology to better understand human behaviour,” she explained to Outlook.

Putting life into life coaching has proven to be quite the learning process. Understanding what works in the business, such as the nuisances that come with being a life coach, had gone hand in hand with connecting with various like-minded coaches and business owners to collaborate and share innovative ideas.

“I also know that if people don’t know that I exist, I won’t be able to help as much people, nor would the business survive,” she added.

Waugh’s obstacles along the way, she admits, are more personal than they are professional. And she attributes that self doubt to planning, but mostly executing – from thought to mission complete. To conquer this particular problem, she decided to develop a workshop series, ‘Unblock Obstacles to Create Success’. This, she says, was the true test, believing not only in herself, but in the material she produced as well.

From a ‘no show’ at her first workshop to a little over a handful that turned out for the second staging, Waugh is elated by the growth. Determined to test the content, she was overwhelmed by the feedback.

“I usually find out what is it that the client desire for their life. Once I do that, I dive deeper into their beliefs, values and more, just to see what really drives, inspires and motivates them.”

Some persons, she confessed, are afraid to actually do what it takes to achieve their goals because of other influences around them, for instance, money or family. That is why, she highlighted, it is important to help them tackle and examine the things that are preventing them from attaining goals.

“I also ensure that my client sets their overall goals, then each session, we delve even further. They are also given various activities to complete within a reasonable timeframe that would enable them to reach closer to achieving their goals.”

The consummate professional prides herself in balancing both life coaching ventures and active employment with a government agency. Noting that finding balance is never easy, she shares that she does as much as she can at nights, weekends and days-of.

“There is always this feeling of dissatisfaction, because you know you can do so much more, if given more time. I try to show myself compassion when these feelings arise.”

Knowing that I am serving for the greater good and helping others to understand who they are in this world in order to become purposeful human beings living in their full potential, is what propels Waugh forward.

When she isn’t working, the business woman can be found spending quality time with her supportive family and friends. She also takes free weekends, she prays, meditates and sometimes journals.

With her first eBook, Common mistakes when setting Goals, complete on Amazon, Waugh is already looking forward to the release of her second book.

“Becoming a life coach has its rewards and challenges. It is like any other business. Stay true to the work ethics of the field and be less judgmental of people you interact with,” is her advice to upcoming life coaches.

For more information on how you can book a one on one session with Latoya Waugh, email: or visit: She can also be found on Facebook and Instagram @lifecoachjamaica.