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Dream House | Natural breathtaking views

Published:Sunday | June 9, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Living room makes a statement
Children's bedroom with twin bunk beds
One of the six bedrooms
Windows open to manicured gardens and sweeping sea views
Dining room with its wall of shelves
Architecture that stimulates the intellect, touches the emotions and excites the senses

This dream house, eight miles west of Montego Bay, has been waiting patiently to open its gates for you. Its architecture will stimulate the intellect, touch the emotions, and excite the senses.

From a lofty vantage point, crowning the top of its very own hill, it is rewarded with sweeping, serene views of the sea and the Second City in the distance.

What many of us may not realise is that natural views like this, whether of a stunning coastline, twinkling lights of the city at night, or a river valley, really give architecture its greatest value. One can design the simplest habitat on the most astounding topography ... with the most hypnotic scenery, and I can assure you, one would enjoy a more enviable living environment than if they were in a fantastically designed multimillion-dollar mansion, surrounded by other concrete structures all staring at them at the same street level.

This quintessential abode has every accoutrement for great living, with an entrance foyer and six air-conditioned bedrooms. The master has its own dressing room and office. All bedrooms have their own private bathrooms, dressed fully (from top to bottom) in sheer marble, with walk-in showers. No curtains, no glass doors. No mould.

Showering outside under the open sky, is also available, with Alfresco showers behind enclosed walls. This liberating, luxury bathroom feature, has been getting increasingly popular, as more people realise the appealing pleasures of bathing naked in a natural outdoor setting. A true definition of bliss.

Other areas include, a dining room (with its wall of complete shelving), seating eight persons around its mahogany dining table. A TV room is nearby. A living room with its white upholstered wood furniture, makes an impressive statement; along with a lounge area and kitchen. Furniture is of traditional style, in keeping with old-world regality.

The architecture continues to pulsate with arched, columned, covered walkways, brick terraces, arched louvre and glass windows and doors, crown ceiling mouldings, dark stained wood floors, and timber shingle roof.

The lure of the impeccably maintained gardens are quite evident, dominated by swaying palm trees throughout the acres and acres of property. Not to be overlooked, is a garden gazebo, riveting water fountain, a separate stone-wall fish pond by an outdoor patio, with its engrossing features, and high walls of green ivy. The most impressive water feature on property is the completely round swimming pool, a ring of blue tranquility, encircled by its brick deck.

A dream of dreams come true! What is life without dreams?


- Barry Rattray is a Dream House designer and builder. Email: