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Klutch Ja for a natural cleanse

Published:Sunday | June 9, 2019 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley - Gleaner Writer
Mickailia Peck is enthusiastic about Klutch Ja, a natural soap-making brand.
Peck, the young go-getter is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit.
The tomato soap that clears dark spots is a customers favourite.

Mickailia Peck is determined to succeed. She’s an educator by profession, but is fuelled by an entrepreneurial spirit that enlivens her soul. Already with two businesses in full operation and a ‘nine to five’, Peck has, yet again committed herself to another daring journey, manufacturing soap from natural earth elements.

She acknowledged her growing knack for enterprise development early and vowed to keep it alive. Klutch Ja is her latest brand. Although she’s new to the sector, Peck is boldly and fearlessly making an indelible mark as she stays on top of her game. And with a wide variety of offerings, such as soaps made of garlic, charcoal, tomato, cerasee, and turmeric, the young go-getter becomes adamant that her unique pieces make her unlike anyone else in the field.

“I got the idea from a passion to help people. There are a lot of persons who have different skin issues, like eczema, acne, hyperpigmentation, and several others that they try to remedy through different means. They’ll spend a lot of money at the dermatologist trying to fix these issues that natural products can target,” she humbly explained to Outlook.

She continued: “Plus, natural is trending. We talk about the natural hair, organic food, and items for skincare. So, why not join the campaign?”


This more than piqued the University of Technology distance learning and training officer’s interest. It drove her and her business partner, Sheldon Cardoza to conduct bouts of research, pursue online courses and lead experiments to create healthy and pure concoctions for the powerful cleansers.

Using the cold-press method during the soap-making process, Peck sings her own praises, highlighting the powerful handiworks that are made in her Mandeville-based production hub. She guarantees that you will not be disappointed.


Klutck Ja, appeals to skin types. This means that you can use all but one type of soap, Turmeric Plus, on sensitive skin. The refined substances are even ideal for babies.

“The soaps can be used for many reasons. Almost all of them can be used treat acne and eczema flares. Some can even be used in the hair, for instance, the charcoal, which helps to get rid of dandruff. But the one that surprises people the most, is the garlic, which treats yeast infection. And you would think that it would leave an odour after using, but it doesn’t,” she explained.

Natural fats such as coconut and sunflower oils, are some of the major ingredients Peck invests in. Also, the products do not contain preservatives. The shorter shelf life, further attests to the wholesome nature of Klutch Ja products. Other major ingredients are water and sea salt, that add to the mineral component of the soaps.