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Producing quality, personalised gifts with love

Published:Sunday | June 9, 2019 | 12:00 AMJessica Harrison - Gleaner Writer
The mother-daughter stitch trio: Cynthia Getfield, Britney Getfield and Sharona Green.
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I remember how I felt when my mom got me a gift basket for my 14th birthday and inside was a soft, pink hand towel with my name beautifully embroidered on it. I jumped at every opportunity to take it around with me and when people asked, I proudly sang the story with the same nostalgic smile, never getting tired. Many years have passed and it is still one of my most prized possessions.

That is the type of experience CBS Stitch Embroid-It wants you and everyone you care about to revel in, for now and years to come.

Straight out of St Thomas, a mother by the name of Cynthia Getfield and her two daughters, Britney Getfield and Sharona Green, have been nurturing CBS Stitch Embroid-It for the past five years by assuming different roles to ensure that the business stays afloat while delivering exceptional client service.

“Our team is versatile and we work pretty well together,” said Green. “My mother, Cynthia Getfield, is considered our master stitcher. She is responsible for the overall production process inclusive of, but not limited to, operating the machines and setting up the designs and artwork.”

Sharona Green and her sister, Britney Getfield split roles of social media marketing, customer service, internal affairs, and hat production while sales representative, Kerida Jones assists with the ordering process and sales promotions.

The business and its challenges

Not every business idea originates from scraping for a means to an end. Some, fall into your lap.

“We had two baby showers to attend in October and November of 2014 and wanted to do some personalised items for the mothers and their babies, but realised that only one other company in Jamaica at the time did them and it was quite expensive. We saw the opportunity to start a business offering more creative, unique and less expensive products while still keeping a balance with quality,” Green recalls.

Sure, the idea might have presented itself, but that does not mean the business is exempt from challenges.

“Having to deal with the various customer personalities on a daily basis and aiming to offer superior customer service at all times is difficult mainly because everyone’s perception of a ‘good service’ is different,” said Green.

Customer experience is of utmost importance to the CBS Stitch Embroid-It team and, as such, they try to do quarterly surveys about their overall service, leaving the doors of communication open for both negative and positive feedback from clients in effort to improve and maintain what they bring to the table.

Another challenge that stares in the face of this small Jamaican brand is cash flow during peak gift-giving seasons such as Mother’s Day, Teachers’ Day, and Christmas.

“There are times we would love to pre-order raw materials in bulk prior to some of our well-supported seasons but as a result of available cash flow, we are unable to do larger purchases to fill this need. Other times, it’s due to our suppliers being out of stock and we have to wait,” she expressed.

Using two embroidery machines, one single-head machine which uses 10 needles and a double head with 15 needles, the CBS Stitch Embroid-It team offers a variety of colours and designs for customers to choose from. “We give all clients the opportunity to personalise every details of their order from colour selection, designs, and wording of choice,” said Green proudly.


The thought of starting a business can be nerve-racking but with adequate research about the market and industry paired with strategic plans for your new business venture, Green stated that the results are well worth it.

“Master your art and aim to be the best at what you do”

To make your next gift to someone personal and unique, follow CBS Stitch Embroid-It on social media @cbs_stitch or contact at (876) 587-0370 or (876) 424-3086.