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Scribbling with Kreative Kuma

Published:Sunday | August 4, 2019 | 12:00 AM

With every twirl, slash, and scratch of his pen, Kuruma Reid inks a series of dynamic works of art derived from the harsh realities of life. As he weaves his artistic vision based on stories from near and far, the 21-year-old law student aims to use his body of work to highlight the issues associated with Jamaica and the land of his ancestors, Africa.

“I have been told that I am ahead of my time and that I am not your typical 21-year-old that settles for the parties and other interests that many my age are into,” said Reid. His passion for art began in grade nine at José Marti Technical High School where he was introduced to the world of texture, sketches, and colours. “I did not start out this good. I practiced a lot. The more you practice a craft is the better it gets.

Reid specialises in using random dots and slashes to create eclectic portraits engineered to evoke strong emotions. “I watch BBC, CNN and engage in conversations about the topics I am interested in. This allows me to gain a different interpretation to represent in my pieces,” said the creative.

The three techniques Reid uses to produce a piece include scribbling, cross hatching, and pointillism. “What makes my pieces unique is the amount of details I am able to capture. If I can find a scratch on your jaw or a strand of hair out of place, I try my best to represent this in my work,” he explained.

For the life of a creative, support for their passion is often challenged and comes slowly but surely. “It was a bit of a challenge for me getting my mother to come on board. If she had pushed me in this as she has done in other areas of my life then I probably would have been far more advanced in my technique,” stated Reid.

His advice to young creatives is to try to develop a balance with the things they are passionate about. As a lover of law, he enjoys the intellectual discussions which influences his interpretations for many of his pieces. Everything is connected and one passion will always support the other.

For now, Reid does not wish to receive formal training. “Since I am so young, I still have time to do a lot of things. I want to finish law school first and then go deeper into the arts,” said Reid. Being self-taught and influenced by other creatives has allowed him to learn, grow and hone his craft thus far, and he believes it is enough for now.

To see more of his artwork visit @kreative_kuma on instagram or call 876-328-5411 for more information