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Approaching the Parent Lecture

Published:Sunday | September 8, 2019 | 12:08 AMRocheda Bartley - Gleaner Writer

Days go slow, years go fast. It's a never ending joy-filled, yet terrifying adventure learning and growing everyday in the wonderful world of parenthood. It's about creating legacy. So you start with changing diapers. But at some point, the blissful experience turns into a terrifying ride, for instance, when children gets into trouble. That's when many parents dig deep for an influential lecture that unfastens any roller coaster stuck between steep rails.

Forget about yelling, make the change with a powerful talk. The lesson does not have to be a long and stern disciplinary episode. In fact, short and sweet is better. Ten seconds could be all that you need to make an impact, righting wrongs and transforming mistakes into enlightening opportunities. Here are a few tips.

Identify the problem

Begin with identifying the problem at hand. Most times your child will be aware of the issue, however, sometimes he or she may not and will need your assistance to point out such. But when you do, don't be harsh. Move smoothly throughout the process.

Ask the right questions

Asking questions is crucial-after all, that's how you will know of what's happening. To keep the conversation going and giving your child a chance to contemplate their actions, ask open-ended questions. This way, the moment will be interactive. And you won’t have to provide all the answers.

Encourage children to brainstorm

It’s likely that you’ll know thow to resolve your child’s problem even before they ask for help. Rather than stating the answer immediately, why don’t you give your child a chance to concoct his own solution to remedy the situation? Be open to their suggestions and it's okay if they fail. This is the time to instill values.


Creating solutions for future reference is good practice. Every issue may not require a punishment.