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Dive into VeeChic Swimwear

Published:Sunday | September 29, 2019 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson - Gleaner Writer

Aligning opulent sophistication with contemporary modern art. That’s the mantra of clothing brand VeeChic Designs. Outlook dives right into the new and exciting swimline with fashion designer Vanessa Alex.

Fashion designer by passion and profession, Alex pointed out that she started out as a graphic designer as part of scholastic curricula.

“Studying fashion overseas, my programme requires me to do a graphic designing course. However, I started doing graphics initially to help with creating my website, logo and promotional or marketing tools for my brand,” Alex said.

That aside, it was always her desire to stand out. And she chose to do so with style from as early as her formative years. She was never a fan of having her dolls wear the same or similar outfits as her friends’, so she would make new outfits or upcycle the original ones she had.

“While attending The University of the West Indies, my friends encouraged me to start making clothing for them, not just myself, and this gave birth to VeeChic.”

Since her first name is Vanessa and she wanted the brand to represent her, ‘Vee’ was coined. Combine that with her unique fashion sense of ‘modern chíc’, this brought into fruition the brand’s name, VeeChíc Designs. The company has been around since 2015.

Producing pieces motivated by everywhere she goes, from the people to the food, traditions, music and culture, every aspect of life inspires her to create and excite!

“VeeChic offers quality swimsuits, resort wear and apparel in an assortment of sizes, [ranging] from extra small to extra large,” she added.

The recent launch of the latest collection, Island Gal swimsuits, boasts a compilation of ‘aqua wear’, fashioning vibrant colours and prints, among which two are reversible bikinis.

The short-term goal is to get Island Gal swimsuits into hotel gift shops across the island, as well as to release a male collection. Meanwhile her long-term goals include showcasing in Caribbean Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week, and opening the first VeeChic outlet in Jamaica.

“Women should shop VeeChic because we aim to please women of all body sizes and shapes, creating unique pieces that look and feel expensive, but is fit and affordable for the modern-day woman. I want women to feel confident. The most important thing, over feeling sexy or pretty, is that swimsuits should give you confidence.”

For more information on how you can dive into VeeChic swimwear on the beach, poolside and beyond, visit the website www.veechicdesigns.com.