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Beyond the Lens:

Natural hobby turns photography for Dshawne Edwards

Published:Sunday | September 29, 2019 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson - Gleaner Writer

Portrait, landscape and wildlife. What once functioned as ‘natural’ hobbies for Dshawne Edwards progressed into a flourishing career as a photographer.

He told Beyond The Lens recently that his curiosity within the field piqued after seeing others display their camera skills. From there, his interest peaked with each rapid click. Capturing his love and admiration through picturesque memories became his new-found mission. Frame by frame, Edwards flashed forward with consummate joy, sealing his fate as an expert agent of photography.

It has only been a little over a year, but his journey has already been exciting, challenging, but rewarding, all at the same time.

“The experience has been great so far. I’ve met a lot of people and gone to places I’ve never been. I have learned so much, and there is still so much more to learn as I go along,” he said.

The appreciation of his preferred genres stems from shared similarities as well as palpable differences.

“Seeing the happiness on a person’s face during or after a photo shoot is always great. But sometimes their reaction to recommended creative direction can take its toll. So, with landscape, I don’t have to tell nature how to pose, I just have to compose my angle and shoot away. And with nature, timing is everything.”


Getting his name and brand out there, along with garnering quality photos with limited and dated gears, are among the difficulties Edwards has faced in the profession. But he continues to exercise patience, pushing forward and keeping his faith in Jesus, “Knowing all things are possible with him,” he added.

Because of the years of commitment to the camera industry, he only trusts Canon as his sidekick for all his adventures.

Once he conquered those hurdles, he went head to head with the misconception of costs for services.

“Persons like to say that we are too expensive, but they fail to understand that camera equipment are very expensive, too, and the creative and precise skill set should hold merit.”

Also having a nine to five job, this he says is no easy feat. But Edwards ensures that photography takes precedence over the weekend, while he maintains the duties of his main income during the week.

So what’s next for Edwards? He has partnered with others to create one big media group, so his clients and newcomers can look out for that. Outside of photography, he spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ to win over as many souls as possible.

His advice to up-and-coming photographers is to figure out which area of photography they love and go for it, while staying motivated, as well as remaining open to acquiring new skills through hard work.

“One more thing: know your camera,” he advised.

To view more of Edwards’ work, you can follow him on Instagram: @creative_photography_ja or Facebook @creatve photography or call: 876-279-2804.