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CSA meets robust training focus in 2017

Published:Sunday | April 23, 2017 | 12:00 AM
KWL operations coordinator, Kieron Rose, is in the control seat at best practice training during the MIT/CSA Terminal Exchange Programme.

As a part of its commitment to providing high-quality training opportunities for the regional shipping community, the Caribbean Shipping Association (CSA) facilitated several training seminars in the first quarter of 2017 with several more in the pipeline.

From February 20-24, Kingston Wharves Limited hosted the first CSA Terminal Exchange Study Programme for 2017. Nine participants from across the region took part in four days of activities geared towards exposing them to the leading multi-purpose port in the region. In addition to port tours, presentations were made in areas such as port security, logistics management, information technology, health and safety.

Participant Sudarmo Toby, assistant operations officer from the Port Authority of St Vincent and the Grenadines, shared how invaluable the experience was to network among shipping industry leaders and to share best practices with his peers across the region. He further stated that "the knowledge garnered in Kingston will be crucial in his country's plan to develop a world-class terminal". Toby was giving the vote of thanks.

Manzanillo International Terminal in Panama hosted the second CSA Terminal Exchange Study Programme from March 20-24. In addition to the terminal's best practices, the seven participants were able to benefit from the culture created by the terminal's Total Learning System, which allows personnel to train towards their career development in the company. Participants also enjoyed the detailed presentations and discussions of terminal strategy. The participants particularly appreciated the opportunity to use the rubber tyre gantry cranes to move containers. Overall, the experience of the week of training was found to be excellent and well worth the time spent.

A total of 16 persons from 10 countries attended these two training programmes.

From March 6-9, 2017, Swedish spreader giant Bromma offered CSA a Mobile Harbour Crane Spreader Training Programme. Participants from Aruba, Barbados and Jamaica were able to benefit from this exercise, hosted by Kingston Wharves Limited. The trainers were Neftsly Rodriquez Rios and Juan Carlos Baeona. Bromma is considered an industry leader in testing, manufacturing, and modelling of spreaders. In fact, their 'finite element modelling' software allows them to study, model and analyse their equipment and better predict its operations at ports. The Caribbean Shipping Association said that it was pleased to have been able to offer this invaluable training to its members in the region.




There were two training seminars in the French Caribbean island of Martinique. The first covered the topic of 'Customs, Terminal and Port Agency' and was held from April 3-4, 2017, and the second, the 'Cruise Tourism Seminar', was held from April 5-6, 2017. Both trainings were supported by French correspondents and Caribbean Maritime Institute regional partner Cluster GAT Caraibe.

Twenty participants took part in the seminars which were delivered by Caribbean Maritime Institute Executive Director Dr Fritz Pinnock, and the institute's director of the school of academic studies, Dr Ibrahim Ajagunna.

During the Customs, Terminal and Port Agency training, presentations were made on topics such as understanding the development of the shipping industry, documentation in shipping and international trade, as well as clearing and forwarding. Participants were also trained in more general professional development-related areas such as stress management, customer service, and time management. The Commissioner of French Customs for French West Indies and French Guyana delivered a session for the benefit of participants in understanding how the French system works.

A main focus of the Cruise Tourism seminar was to position Martinique as one of the leading cruise destinations in the world. To that end, topics including increasing the number of national and international cruise calls and planning itineraries were explored.

The participants had high praise for the facilitators, rating them as outstanding, and they found the overall experience of the trainings to be timely and relevant. The entire cohort reported that the content of both workshops addressed their individual organisational needs.

Fernando Rivera, the general manager of CSA, said the association was committed to providing these "cutting-edge" training programmes for maritime professionals. The association partners with members, service providers and high-level industry experts to bring real-world experiences to shipping executives. The association will host these two excellent training sessions in Barbados from May 15 to 16, and May 17 to 18, 2017. For more information on participating in CSA training seminars visit: http://www.caribbeanshipping.org/ or contact the secretariat at csa@cwjamaica.com.