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Lannaman and Morris Shipping celebrates 45 years!

Published:Monday | June 12, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Sharon Snape, longest-serving employee of Lannaman & Morris Shipping Limited presents chairman of the company, Harriatt 'Harry' Maragh with a portrait of himself.
From left: Retired president and founder, Seafreight Agencies, Roland Malin Smith; vice-president of operations at Crowley, Salvador Menoyo; chairman and CEO Harriatt 'Harry' Maragh; and David Ross, executive director, Crowley.
The 29 members of staff who received long service awards for service ranging from 10 to 33 years.
Harriat 'Harry' Maragh (left) joins his staff and customers at Lannaman and Morris Shipping Limited to celebrate Customer Appreciation Day on Monday, May 29, as part of their week of festivities to mark their 45th anniversary.
Fun and games at Lannaman and Morris Shipping Limited's Customer Appreciation Day on Monday, May 29, held as part of their 45th anniversary celebrations.

Lannaman and Morris (Shipping) Limited, a member of the Shipping Association of Jamaica, held a series of events last week to celebrate 45 years of excellence in the logistics Industry. Among the events were a customer appreciation day and a black-tie staff awards ceremony.

At the awards ceremony, held on the lawns of Devon House on June 3, the chairman of the company, Harriat Maragh, acknowledged the founders stating that "In 1972, I joined a company under the leadership of Vance Lannaman and Ainsley Morris, which was favoured by excellent knowledge of shipping, excellent knowledge of cargo and excellent knowledge of the cruise business." He continued: "We will forever be thankful as a company for the solid foundation provided by those gentlemen. We are standing on their broad shoulders tonight as we celebrate 45 years of success."

He also showed appreciation for the contribution of his staff. "We have some of the most diligent, loyal and hard-working staff in the shipping industry," Maragh said. "We thank our staff," he continued, "as they really go above and beyond the call of duty to make this company one we can all be proud of, and we will be celebrating them and thanking them as a part of the evening's proceedings". In all, 29 members of staff were presented with awards.

There was a beautiful twist in the evening's already glittering proceedings as Maragh, who hosted the function to celebrate his staff, was himself showered with gifts from his business partners, colleagues and the staff. A noticeably humbled Maragh received a lovely portrait from the Lannaman and Morris team, who praised him for his leadership over the years.

As Maragh said in his speech, "The company is looking to a future which will be made bright by further growth and development. We will be reaching into new frontiers and seeking to master them as we have mastered our past endeavours. We look forward with optimism and we see more success, more accomplishment ... more for us to celebrate over the next 50 years and beyond!"

Lannaman & Morris offers several services, including port and vessel management, general cargo services, cruises and leisure port and terminal management, ship brokering, chartering, stevedoring, bunkering services, logistics and supply chain management, warehousing, customs brokering, freight forwarding, haulage service and chassis rental, marine equipment maintenance and repairs, and logistics/ international transport and management consultancy.

The company has offices in Kingston and Montego Bay and is the owner of more than 75,000 square foot of warehouses.