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Vacancies | German Ship Repair Jamaica

Published:Monday | August 21, 2017 | 12:00 AM

German Ship Repair Jamaica is searching for:




- Experienced in fitting and welding on-board railings and catwalks as well as structural steel such as bulkheads and shell plating.

- Skilled in welding of pipeworks, butt weld, fillet weld and pipes in all positions.

- Flexible working time and hours.


Engine mechanics:


Experienced in overhauling and repair of engines and engine parts including:

- dismantling and re-assembly of engines onboard (2- stroke and 4-stroke)

- dismantling of engine parts such as cylinder heads, cylinder rods, pistons, etc, in workshop, cleaning and re-assembly with spare parts.

- cleaning of charge air cooler.

- overhauling of turbo chargers preferable.

- Flexible working time and hours.


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