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Something Extra - Tuesday

Published:Monday | March 16, 2015 | 12:00 AM
A bevy of beauties (from left) Destiny Polk, Faith Pang, Karla Alvaraeo, Aleya Barnes and Lisandra Lao make a young, hot and fab combo.
Rojet Smith and Geri Tomlin dropped their professional garb for a more relaxed look on Friday.
Gal pals Andrene Messam and Doreen Scarlett make it a girls night out.
Martin Hopper and Christine Rapp pause for a quick snap while enjoying each other's company on the dance floor.
Sean Obien and Karen Blythe make a perfectly cute couple.
Jermaine Powell and Ileshia Williams are caught in a cosy moment as they entered Mass Camp.
Clearing Michael 'Fada Mike' Gordon and Alanna Chambers are having the time of thier lives.

Last Friday, revellers got down and dirty as they enjoyed another installment of Bacchanal Fridays at Mas Camp. Our photojournalist, Brian McCalla, captured the alluring highlights. Here is your daily dose of EXTRA!