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Tuesday Talk

Published:Monday | March 16, 2015 | 10:54 AM

Mixing business and politics

1 The politician now mired in controversy has come to understand rather late in the game that there is danger in mixing business and politics, for when things turn sour with one partner the relationship with the other is likely to be shattered. Politics 101, dear sir.

Wedding upsets relatives

2Some relatives are very upset that the cousins are moving ahead with wedding plans despite vehement objections. The affair is shaping up to be a big one as no expense is being spared. Yet every precaution is being taken to avoid drama.

Wait staff complain about tips

3Some wait staff in restaurants are complaining that their tips have been reduced to dust since many of these establishments have taken to adding service charge to the bill. Some patrons then decide that having paid the compulsory tip, they are not obliged to add anything more. It was always a struggle for the waiters to get tips once credit cards were introduced, and some would tell patrons that they do not get that tip so they prefer cash.