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Tuesday Talk

Published:Monday | July 27, 2015 | 12:13 PM

Captain complaining

1 Some people are saying the captain sounds like an old worn-out record, always lambasting one group or the other for not supporting the effort. There are those who feel that unless and until there is greater accountability, not much will change. So how about opening up your activities to public glare, sir.

On track for Bahrain

2 There was a great buzz around the news that some of our track and field stars are about to switch allegiance to Bahrain. For sure, they will enjoy a life with loaded pockets in this wealthy country. Or will they? It's a Muslim country, so there are loads of rules about what is acceptable dress. Many people who feel hurt by their decision are suggesting that the Jamaican Government should now retrieve their passports, but they are still Jamaicans. And the world will know when they are on the track that they were bought by Bahrain.

No more celibacy

3 There are persistent rumours that another celibacy vow is about to be broken. We are keeping our ears perked and our eyes peeled so we can give it to you as soon as we are able to confirm this development.