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Jam-Rocco at the Gap Cafe

Published:Thursday | July 30, 2015 | 12:00 AM
The women of Dreamlife Cuisine, Roxanne Wright (left) and Peta Linton, hold the 'Tajine', known to be a dish used in the Moroccan culture.
From left: Alex Davis, Gillian Mason, Marianna Davis and Jennifer Mason came to please their taste buds with fine Moroccan cuisine.
Leighton Thomas-Shorter took out his children Jaydon and Eliyah for a Sunday fun day at Jam-Rocco.

The healing breeze and sweet aroma teased the senses of guests as they indulged in the delicious cuisine and culture of Morocco on display at Jam-Rocco at the Gap Cafe in Newcastle on Sunday.

Getting away from the daily hustle and bustle of the city and experiencing the tasteful delight of Jamaican-Moroccan culture was the highlight of the Dreamlife Cuisine team. Dreamlife Cuisine was created by partners and food lovers Roxanne Wright and Peta Linton, whose aim is to introduce cultures that are similar to Jamaica's but still uniquely different. They believe that these cultures can be experienced over the next two months and at the same time, encourages Jamaicans to adapt a healthier lifestyle.

Believer in the Dreamlife Cuisine and owner of the Gap Cafe Gloria Palomino liked the idea and partnered with them to deliver not only a tasteful delight, but the beautiful ambiance of the cafe.

The day was filled with guests partaking in the different practices and fine cuisines of the Moroccan culture. Each guest had their hands washed at the table by Wright, and after pleasing their taste buds with the Moroccan Harira, guests were invited to the tea ceremony.

"The meals were extraordinary! The flavours are still popping in my mouth. It was amazing!" patron Shayne Morris told Today.

As the evening cooled down, guests enjoyed the vibrant colours of the Moroccan decorations and spent the rest of evening enjoying the scenery.