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Something Extra - Wednesday

Published:Tuesday | August 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Kathy Ramsay gives our cameras a quick glance at Daydreams, part of the Dream Weekend, on Friday, August 7, in Negril.
Alison Moss-Solomon (left) and Tameka West made Daydreams a girls’ night out.
Serena Edwards eptomises cool and classy in her peach swim suit and sheer cover-up at Daydreams.
SKYY Vodka Speedtenders (from left) Angela Zurita, Logan Pemberton and Michelle Vorsteg had the SKYY Vodka’s Twisted Spiritiz patrons in high spirits.
Chad Tocco, SKYY Vodka Flairtender, literally had the crowd blazing at SKYY Vodka’s Twisted Spiritz.
Shamelle Bailey is pristine in all white.
Sisters Kristy (left) and Mandy Williams are happy patrons at Twisted Spiritz.
Juian Cooper at Daydreams on Friday, August 7.

Dreamers left the hustle and bustle of the Corporate Area to unwind and be fÍted at Appleton Dream Weekend. It was

non-stop adventure and eye candy for our lens. SOMETHING EXTRA has it all just for you.