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Something Extra - Friday

Published:Wednesday | August 26, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Blooming in orange are (from left) Anita clarke, Khloe Clarke, Kyesha Randall, Kerissa Nelson.
From left: Corrine Lindo, Jessica Barrett and Kellon Williams are beautiful in blue.
Talk about pretty in pink, (from left) Samantha Williams, Victoria Virgo, Kinesha Gordon, Tricelle Powell, and Mellissa Tulloch epitomise that.
From left: Sharlein Radlein, Tasmin Golding and Tanya Mair are all ravishing in red.
From left: Rohannia Mooyin and Nicole Stoddart.
From left: Jameal Clarke, Nya Miller, Danisha Scott, Shana Simpson, and Tracyann Malcolm.

On the heels of the coronation tomorrow, SOMETHING EXTRA brings you the hot beauties contesting in the Miss Universe Jamaica from a recent fantasy shoot showing off their ready-to-strut bods.