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Tuesday Talk

Published:Monday | August 31, 2015 | 3:18 PM

1It's the classic case of a spurned lover who is finding it hard to let go. Part of the reason for the sorrow and regrets is that while they were together, he was producing many heirs. But, alas! She chose not to have one. Now she is green with envy of all the babymothers who have been enjoying wifely privileges and other perks along the way.

2If this one crosses over, there is sure to be bangarang in the camp. But someone seems to have sprinkled the oil of disunity over that particular camp. Discontent among members is said to be at its highest. Let's watch and see how this one plays out.

3Such a shame that the once-thriving businessman has squandered so much of his inheritance, including real estate, high-end transportation, etc. The more critical question is, how did he manage to move through so many millions in only a few short years? Some suggest he has developed some addictive habits, which can prove to be quite costly.

4The beauty and her beast have been steadily building their relationship to the chagrin of critics who believe they are an odd couple and totally not suited for each other. So far, he has kept her insulated from the acid-tongue babymother. What a day when downtown catches up with uptown!