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Tuesday Talk

Published:Monday | September 7, 2015 | 3:55 PM

1 Can someone explain why a few medics are insisting on cash payments instead of any of the conventional methods being commonly used today? Even some market vendors are accepting credit/debit card payments.

2 Things have really changed in this new millennium. In the old days, churchgoers would quietly slip a sweet into their mouths without being observed and, for their children, a biscuit or so. But nowadays, stuff like yogurt is being taken into the church and consumed during the service. How long before we see a patty or fried chicken in the pews?

3 The raging debate about beauty contestants' colour continues. The reality is that the global concept of beauty, judging from past winners, is long hair, Caucasian and slender body. So if Jamaicans want to do well at these contests, they have to give them what they ask for or, as happened in the past, organise their own contests with their criteria.