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Something Extra - Tuesday

Published:Monday | September 28, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Dr Claudine Lewis (left) shares lens time with namesakes, Lennox and Violet Lewis.
Heartthrob Matthew Gore (left), flashes his pearly whites next to Paola Byles and Marc Melville.
Janet Silvera Photo From left: Matahari Furniture's Jason Shelton, Alissa Forrester, Olive and Steve Shelton cosy up for a photo op.
From left: Rajesh Kripalani, Racquel Dadlani, and Rosh Ramchandani are all enjoying the happenings.
Juanita Diaz (left) and Alison Callam make their grand entrance to the Marlin Tournament's Tightline beach party.
Junior Madden is flanked by wife Rosie (left) and sister Isiaa as they party.

Last week, more than 40 team boats competed in the 54th edition of Jamaica's oldest and most-anticipated fishing event - the annual Montego Bay International Marlin Tournament. With a revised format that included a Comedy Night at the Montego Bay Yacht Club last Thursday and Tightline beach party at the world-famous Doctor's Cave Bathing Club last Saturday, SOMETHING EXTRA reels in the alluring highlights.