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Tuesday Talk

Published:Monday | October 5, 2015 | 1:12 PM

1 Some people are predicting that the mansion being built in the hills of St Andrew may be halted ... . No, not that one. And perhaps Saville Row will see a decline in its bottom line.

2 There are some persons who feel that divorce documents go into a black hole at the Supreme Court from which they slowly emerge months, even years, afterwards as people put their lives on hold waiting on those documents. Something needs to be done to expedite these matters.

3 It's not nice to have your credit cards decline at

the supermarket check-out counter, but alas, it is

happening more and more these days! Sign of the harsh economic times, you bet.

4 Add one more title to the many: the chief cheerleader. It did not escape the attention of many that the loudest cheers came from the anointed one.

5 It can't be good for business when a major business establishment on Red Hills Road in St Andrew does not even have a working security camera. Well, watch for business to decline if more vehicles continue to be broken into during broad daylight. Customers will stay away.